Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened At Soccer Today **UPDATED**

Caroline's team played her friend Rachel's team this morning.  Instead of playing on the unkempt natural grass field of a local elementary school, they played on an artificial turf field.  Turf fields are fun; the ball moves fast, which means the girls must move fast, as well.

Caroline's team lost, but they played hard, held their own and didn't let themselves get totally dominated by an older and bigger team.

 After the post game snacks were eaten and most of the team had left, we started to make our way to the car. One of the coaches for a team that was playing in the next game stopped us and asked if any of our girls (Caroline, Rachel and their friend Julie, who is on Caroline's team) would care to help out their opponent, who only had six players present, by playing another game.  Otherwise, the game would have to be forfeited.  All three girls said yes, which kind of surprised me, given their propensity towards 'dying' during the game due to heat, exhaustion, side cramps, stubbed toes, etc.  Fortunately for us, the weather was gorgeous, so when the girls agreed, I didn't mind at all.

We quickly got acquainted with the girls' new team, who wear seafoam green jerseys.  Add two girls in pink and one in blue and we had ourselves quite a rainbow on the soccer field. 

With only a few quick seconds to learn all of their temporary teammates names, the whistle blew and the game began.

Not more than two minutes in, Caroline scored.

And then she scored again!

Rachel scored in the third quarter.

They won 3-0.

Caroline hasn't scored once for her team this season, and she went and scored twice in one 10 minute quarter for a team she doesn't even belong to.

Go figure.

To say we were thrilled is an understatement.

Oh and during the first game, Caroline headed the ball perfectly.  It was an accident, I'm sure.  But a happy accident all the same.

To top off all this Saturday excitement, Caroline is at a classmate's birthday party right now.  Get this, the invitation said the party is from 12:15-3:25.  Quirky, no?  So when I dropped Caroline off, I spoke with the birthday girl's aunt to  reconfirm the pick up time.  I said '3:25, right?' to which she replied,  'no, more like 2:30-3:00.  Why would they put 3:25 on the invitation if they really meant 2:30-3:00?

So now I'm left with challenge of deciding the pick up time.  Does she really mean (read: really WANT) 2:30?  Or is 3:00 fine, too?   Should I shoot for the middle range and get her at 2:45?

Ugh, my life is so complicated!

UPDATE:  I went to pick Caroline up at 2:45 and they weren't even finished.  They still had water balloons to toss and ice cream sundaes to build.  I waited for them to conclude the birthday festivities and got bit by 47 bugs in the process.  Now we're home and all of Caroline's friends aren't at home so she's entertaining herself with the whoopie cushion she received in the goody bag.  As Craig would say:  good times.

Also, please allow me this moment to shamelessly brag about my kid:  Caroline made the all star team again! Wahoo!!  She's not a scorer (except for today!) but my kid got skillz.  Or whatever.  Last year she played in a sweltering hot Father's Day tournament and it looks like we'll be re-living those sweaty days again this year.

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