Monday, June 13, 2011

Bowl of Cherries


I suppose the saying 'life is just a bowl full of cherries' could apply to my life, but I don't even really know what it means.

I like cherries.  So, when your life is bowl full of them, I assume that's a good thing.

But Craig doesn't like fresh cherries.  I know!  So perhaps he wouldn't want his life described as a bowl full of them.

While we're on the subject of trite sayings, 'pretty please, with a cherry on top' comes to mind when I see this picture.

Honestly, though, I just like cherries.  Plain and simple. Caroline, too.

I'm pretty sure she's a fan of eating any fruit which requires spitting out the pit.  These days, with seedless watermelons more common than the seeded variety, kids don't know the fun of spitting out those little black seeds.
I'm sort of over that phase of my life, though.  Come to think of it, spitting has never caused me great joy.  Am I a dud, or what?  I appreciate seedless watermelons, however, my love for cherries shall never cease, even though navigating around little pits is a bit of a (messy) hassle.  And, not to mention, entirely unlady-like, as well.  We all know that I'm nothing if not a lady.

In other news, the weather is lovely today.  Eighty degrees and breezy.  The oppressive heat we felt this weekend is gone for a few days, and I couldn't be happier.  The air conditioning is off; the windows are open; my hair is a mess from the affects of the breeze.

I had a really hard workout this morning and am relaxing on my couch in front of an open window.  Soon we'll head to soccer practice, but until then, I shall enjoy some sitting.

A maybe a few cherries, too.


joshkc said...

I LOVE fresh cherries and publix had them in their 'sale' ad; however, they said the poor weather in California knocked out the crop and they won't be getting any!! I covet your cherries. ;)

Alison said...

I knew you were the only normal Smith child.

Too bad you're missing out on some fresh cherries. I found some around here for 2.49/lb, which, quite sadly, is a steal.


joshkc said...

publix has completely redeemed themselves!!! shockingly enough they had several packages, from California, on their shelf Tuesday. Brent and I promptly took them home and as he likes to say, "horked them down." They were wonderful!! ;)