Monday, June 20, 2011


The trifecta of yum.

Caroline and I went to Target yesterday.  I needed to buy just 'something' because I needed to use my debit card to get cash back.  I ended up buying $80 worth of somethings, but that is beside the point.  It was all necessary, though:  stuff to send Craig, a birthday present for Caroline's friend, a 4th of July tshirt for Caroline.  And some other stuff, too.  Like a Nerf gun.  Because every nine year old girl needs a Nerf gun.  Anyway, for reasons still unknown, I saw a jar of marshmallow creme and without thinking, I put it in our cart.

Impulsive to the max.

Like, totally.

I can count on half of my hand how many times I've purchased marshmallow creme in my life.  Two times.  Yesterday was the second time ever that I purchased marshmallow creme.  The first time was for a recipe, I think.  And today?  Well, who knows why.

Caroline was excited by the purchase.  She's a big fan of sugary fluff.  I told her we'd make fluffernutters.  Because every kid needs a fluffernutter.

Except, instead of a fluffernutter on bread, I got out the graham crackers. 

And before I did the peanut butter/marshmallow combo, I spotted the Nutella and went a different direction.  A direction towards yum-ville.

Behold the Fluffer Nutella.  Or the Fluffer-ella?

Ooooh.  Ahhhh.

We went the traditional route, too.

I think next time I'll combine all three for a fluffer-nutter-ella.

And then the world can end.  Because, it couldn't really get any better than that.


Want me some said...

The graham cracker is a much better idea than bread. Until they make chocolate bread, that is.
I wish they made mini jars of that fluff/nutella yumminess.

Alison said...

Chocolate bread?!? Not a bad idear.