Friday, June 17, 2011

Five Things Friday

Despite the fact that I often complain about my uneventful life, I've actually been quite busy lately.  Not busy in the earning lots of money in a lucrative career sort of way; not in the curing cancer or volunteering to help the homeless kind of way.  I've been busy Neurotic Housewife style:  gym, coffee, shopping.  You know, busy in the shallow kind of way. 

Although, I did donate money to two different cancer charities at two different stores today.  Guess I am helping cure cancer.  You know, by purchasing groceries and a pink basket for Caroline's room. 

Anyway, I've been pressed for time these past couple of days.  Which thusly (is that a word?) explains this post of five bulleted points of nonsense.

  • I got to meet up with an old friend yesterday.  Mandy, my first ever Army wife friend, and her family just moved in to the area.  We haven't seen each other in over ten years, since our days spent in Hawaii, working together, chatting, watching The Real World and doing 8 minute Ab videos.  Oh, to be young again.  Thanks to the miracle of email, Facebook and blogging, we've been able to keep in touch the past couple of years.  It was great catching up with Mandy and I cannot wait to spend more time with her and her three girls.  Plus, they have a pool right next to their house.  What more could I ask for?
  • I had coffee with my gym friends for a final time before school lets out.   (Insert cries of despair) We meet at Great Harvest, a fabulous bread shop, drink coffee, taste free bread samples and gossip away.  You'd be surprised by the amount of juicy, gossip-worthy, stuff that happens in the gym.  Also, at the request of Caroline,  I brought home a loaf of cheddar garlic bread.  It's awesome.  Hopefully we won't eat through the entire loaf in two days.
  • Two more days of school left.  Boo.  Hoo.  I spent the majority of my afternoon running around getting end of the year teacher gift cards.  Caroline has two main teachers, plus one full time assistant.  I got the teachers gift cards to the movies and Noodles and Company; for the assistant, a gift card to Kohls. 
  • I actually did a lot of shopping today.  So much, in fact, that my debit card was smoking by the time I concluded my final transaction.  They were mostly necessary purchases, like the gift cards and a few summer workbooks to help keep Caroline's memory fresh.  The end of the school year is expensive.  So it my shopping habit.  A habit which is fueled by my endless search for the perfect _______.  I'll never be happy.  I always want to change something.  Or upgrade.  Or reorganize.  Or freshen things up.
  • Soccer tournament tomorrow.  Two games in the hot sun (11:45 and 3:45), followed by an 8 am game on Sunday.  Perhaps another game at 1:15, depending on how well they fare in the first three games.

    Happy Friday!!

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