Friday, April 29, 2011

Good News, I Didn't Lose Any Kids!

Evidently, I'm a very competent chaperone.

However, I think I'm more exhausted after a four hour field trip then I would have been had I run the ten miles I had planned.

I didn't get any more pictures because I was too busy counting heads.

It appears that all of Fairfax county and its neighbors in all directions planned their school field trips for this very day.  You wouldn't believe the crowds and the masses of yellow school buses waiting to unload eager kids in front of the museum.  I felt really sorry for random visitors who came just to leisurely peruse the museum; I bet they hadn't imagined they'd be in the same place as a zillion elementary school aged kids.

What a madhouse!

It was fun, though. The traffic ridden drive to DC ate up a majority of our museum time, so in total, we had about an hour and 40 minutes to look through the exhibits and eat lunch. 

To say it was a drive by field  trip would be an understatement.

The teachers allowed the option for the chaperones to bring their kids home when we arrived back at the school at 1:30, but most of us chose to forgo that choice.  Including me!

I'm sure Caroline is bummed, but I have to be back at the school at 3:30 to hand out race packets for tomorrow's Croc Trot 5k, followed by soccer practice at 5, so really wanted a few minutes to relax in solitude.

Now that it's over, I'm glad I went on the field trip.  It may not be my favorite thing to do, but it matters to Caroline, so I suppose it wasn't that hard of a decision to skip my much anticipated run for this event.  It won't be long before she wants nothing to do with me; I have to soak up any and all opportunities in which she requests my presence.

You know, I whine and complain about how 'hard' my life is, but I hope you all know that I'm being facetious.  I know my life is good.  It's not necessarily easy and it's definitely not charming, but it's safe and comfortable.  I'm grateful for all that I have and I may abuse my flair for the dramatic when I tell my tales, but it's all in jest.  With people now homeless from the damaging storms that ravaged parts of our country this week, I realize I should probably stop going all 'woe is me'  over absurd things, when I truly have it made.

It's just a shame that tragedies have to occur in order for me to get a grip on reality.

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