Monday, April 4, 2011

Best Mom Ever.

Like totally.

Or not. 

Remember how I wouldn't let Caroline walk up a 'hill' during our race yesterday?  Well, that's still plaguing me.  Pinging my mom guilt button.

But, that's beside the point.  Today is a teacher work day, which means no school.  In a way, no school is nice because I don't have to pack Caroline's lunch or bark at her to hurry up as she takes her sweet time getting out the door every morning.  That I like.  What I don't like is, well, everything else.  Ha!

Have I mentioned I withdrew my petition to be voted Mother of the Year?  I considered it last week when I prayed for soccer practice to  be canceled on a cold and windy Friday evening because *I* didn't want to stand outside in the brutal elements, but firmly committed myself to the idea somewhere around the Lincoln Memorial (near the big 'hill') yesterday.  I hope I haven't scarred poor Caroline for life.

Oh, who am I kidding.  I'm her's my job to scar her.

And make her Velveeta shells and cheese....because it's fancier than the kind with the powdery cheese sauce.

Anyway, Bailey stayed over last night, but this morning after I made breakfast, they went to Bailey's house while I went to the gym for a bit.  In this case, everyone wins and best of all,  I don't have to pay $5 for a guilt trip (the amount of money it costs for a stay in the Kidszone).  I didn't stay too long at the gym because we had plans this afternoon. 

I took Caroline and two of her friends to the movies to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid:  Roderick Rules.  And then we had ice cream.

Because I'm the best mom ever.

Of course, I should also add that I bought Caroline a small icee at the movies, but wouldn't let her drink it all because of all the sugar.  Can you believe that a small is 32 oz!!  And it cost $5.75!    I'm sorry, but 32oz of icee is way too much.  I couldn't stand the thought of her drinking it all and then eating ice cream.  I know, I know, I'm a wee bit controlling and definitely not the best mom ever, but, well...have we met?   I'm a neurotic control freak.

All in all the girls had a good time and were thankful for our movie/ice cream trip.  I definitely scored a few points on that one.  Perhaps I should re-submit my name to the Mother of the Year list?

Of course, when they got home and asked me to take them to the park, I quickly (and without any hesitation) responded with a resounding no.

On second thought....I should probably keep my name far, far away from that Mother of the Year list.


Yo Mama said...

Whenever I knew there was a carnival with rides setting up anywhere, I used to drive waaaaay out of the way so you and Laura wouldn't see it and beg me to take you there.
And yet, you both turned, never mind.

Alison said...