Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good News Bad News

 The good news is I'm keeping this picture to use for bribery/paybacks/good old fashioned embarrassment purposes when Caroline is older.

The bad news is Caroline inherited my ability to give 'the look'; something tells me this look, coupled with the certainty that she'll tower over me in a few years, might cause me to rethink this plan to humiliate her in front of her friends.

Guess I'll just keep it on the blog for posterity purposes.

PS--this picture was taken last year, using the bow from her Easter basket.  Also?  That's a rub on tattoo on her cheek.  In case you were wondering.

Now, where was I?

Oh yes.  The good news is Craig drove up from Savannah to see us this weekend.  The gooder (!) news is that he can stay an extra day because he and his crew have Monday off.

The bad news is  this is the last time we'll see him until mid-tour R&R.  We were hoping for a January 2012 R&R, but it appears departure dates are done by a lottery type system, which basically means you get what you get. And whether or not you pitch a fit is based on the date you get. ;)

The good news is I survived spring break with *most* of my sanity intact. 

And the bad news?  Well, in this case, there really isn't any.  School is back in session on Monday and there are about two months left before they're done at the end of June.

The good news is  it's my sister's birthday today.

The bad news is  I'm 6.5 years older than my little sister, who is now 28.  There's nothing worse than realizing you're getting old.  Like for real.  When your baby sister turns 28, there's no more messing around.  Aging stinks, which is the worst news of all.

The good news is Easter is tomorrow and I'm about to sit down and read the resurrection story to Caroline. It's time to de-Easter Bunny ourselves, forget about all the jelly beans I've eaten and focus on what really matters.

And the best news of all is that there isn't any bad news; the resurrection story has a really happy ending!

Happy Easter, everyone!


Jen Fiamengo said...

I loved that blog! I wanted to do an Easter blog but now that I've read yours and how good it was I'm second guessing my Easter blog idea. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!!!

Crip's Wife said...

I love this blog, too! Hooray Resurrection!
Dad and I were planning to go to church this morning, but he hurt his foot last night and can't walk on it! And we were going to go to Treasure Island for pizza, too.
Oh well...
The Resurrection is still awesome.
He is risen indeed!

Alison said...

Thanks, Jen, but honestly, I pulled that out of my hat last night. No worries. Please do an Easter post; I'm sure it'll be wonderful. :)

Mom, sorry about dad's foot. No church or pizza!? Sigh. I'm sure there is plenty of hockey on, though.

We're going to Noodles & Co. for dinner because we don't have any 'Easter' food other than chocolate (no jelly beans, though!) and dyed eggs. We thought Craig had to leave sometime today, so I'm unprepared. Oh well, noodles are a good Easter food.

Happy Easter to the Fiamengos, Watsons and Kennedys.

Hilary said...

Happy Easter! I hope Craig's visit is fantastic.

Jen's Mommy said...

Today is Bunny Monday for us in the education work force, so we Watson's are having our family day/Easter feast today! Yeah more eating!!!!! So Happy Bunny Monday to all and hope you had a fantastic Easter with your families! Nancy, sorry bout Barry's foot and moreso about not getting pizza (or cake). Happy Belated Birthday to Laura and thank you to Jesus for dying for all of us sinners!!!

Alison said...

Happy Bunny Monday! That's too cute.
I hope you have a great Easter/family day! One of the bloggers I adore calls her Easter feast, "Feaster." So happy Feaster Watsons and Fiamengos.