Monday, April 18, 2011

Winner, Winner Lentil Loaf Dinner

This kind of looks like meatloaf, right?


I think I must be turning into a crunchy, earth mother vegetarian because I made lentil loaf last night.  Lentil loaf might not sound all that appealing, but it was actually very tasty.  Let's be honest:  anything referred to as a 'loaf' doesn't exactly scream tasty sophistication.  Loaf cake, aside, that is.  You can call cake just about anything and it will still be delicious.   Anyway, given the deliciousness of my lentil loaf experiment,  perhaps there is something to this earth mother crunchiness.  As my twitter friend said:  'there are worse things to be.' 

He's probably right.

Although, I was quick to say that I may eat flax, drink green smoothies and bake lentil loaf, but I will never, I repeat, NEVER give up diet soda.

We all have our vices.

Lentils are tasty, healthy and cheap and I think it's safe to say that even though my dinner didn't taste exactly like meatloaf (which isn't exactly my favorite dish), it was a winner in my book.

Come to think of it, anything topped with that ketchupy-brown sugary glaze is a winner.

Too bad Craig isn't here to dine on this new delicacy.  I hear leftover lentil loaf sandwiches make for a pretty fantastic lunch.


mom :) said...

send me that other lentil recipe (or is your loaf the one you were telling me about)?

Alison said...

No, that was lentil bolognese. I'll send it to you now. :)