Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time To Say Goodbye

Once again, it's time to pack it all up.  The new year is quickly approaching; the crumpled wrapping paper from Christmas morning has been picked up by the garbage man; sadly, the goodies have all been eaten.  It's time to box up the decorations and tuck them away until next year.

So long tree of whimsy.

Good bye balls of whimsy.

Let's play "where's Alison" in this next picture.

Can you see me?

Farewell delicious smelling cinnamon applesauce ornaments

and shiny stars

so festively adorned with ribbon.

The tree of whimsy is now naked as a jaybird and ready to be stuffed inside a box and packed away in the garage, only to see the light of day again next November.

Such an undignified ending for something that provides us with such delight.

Good bye bowl full of sparkly fruit,

even though I don't know what this one is. 

Pomegranate, maybe?

See you later mini trees.

Please go join the cookie garland

 berry sprigs

and happy snowmen

on the table where Christmas decorations go to meet their maker storage boxes.

Putting away the Christmas decorations always makes me feel a little sad.  The magic of the season is behind us; only the bleakness of winter awaits us.  Gee...melancholy, much?

I'll miss my tree and decorations, but I suppose it's time to move forward.   Onward and upward!  Besides, we have a 9th birthday party to plan.   Oh, and a marathon to run

In 12 days.

Suddenly, putting away Christmas decorations doesn't seem so bad.  Shoving a 7 foot tree into a 5 foot long box is pretty annoying, but at this point, facing the 26.2 mile giant I'm about to encounter seems a little more daunting.


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Sissy said...

I always hate packing up the decorations as well. The corner with my tree always looks so empty the rest of the year.