Friday, December 3, 2010

So, If You Want To Save Money At The Grocery Store

Don't do as I do.

No, seriously.  I'm a frugal-coupon clipping-deal cherry picking-grocery bill slashing-shopper's worst nightmare.  I remember the days when Craig and I spent $85 a month on groceries.  Obviously, that was a long time ago.

I marvel at the restraint some people show at the grocery store, some how managing to spend pennies each week, when I throw stuff in my cart like the items are on fire.

Our produce drawer runneth over and we generally eat well, so I suppose that's the trade off.  

Yes, those are Oreos you see peeking through the produce (and tortilla chips, my one true love!) in the background.

Three packages, actually.

Don't worry, they're not for eatin'.    They'll actually be combined with cream cheese

(yes, I bought seven blocks) to make Oreo Truffles, a Christmas time favorite around here, most of which will be given away.

Besides my oreo truffle supplies, I needed some essentials.

Such as baking items

and energy bars

Those Superfood bars are actually green, which I find rather unappealing, but they taste good enough to eat, despite their aesthetic shortcomings.

See, I told you.  Essentials.

Um, yeah, these are most essential.  True. 

This dark chocolate/peppermint bark combo only comes around once a year, therefore, buying these is essential to my quality of life.

We needed beans, also.  You may not know this, but Craig is addicted to kidney beans

and Greek yogurt.

Uh-oh, where did my picture go?  I had a picture of six containers of Chobani yogurt.  Me thinks the computer ate it?

So, my grocery bill may be bloated, but, as I've said before, food is basically our only source of entertainment, so we buy what we want to eat.

I have a busy day ahead of me in the kitchen.  I started the morning with a brisk (read:  freaking cold) 6 mile run, but now I'm home and ready to bake, bake, bake.  First up:  cookies for the Holiday Shop Caroline's school is hosting tomorrow.  We won't actually be going to the Holiday Shop because we have the Reindeer Romp 5k in the morning, followed by basketball practice in the afternoon, but I never pass on an opportunity to provide baked goods.  This Holiday Shop is a way for kids to shop, with the assistance of some adult volunteers, and buy presents for their family.  I'm not going to lie, it's mostly junky stuff, you know, like "World's Greatest Mom" key chains and the like, but the kids dig it.  I think they end up shopping for themselves more than their family, because how many moms and dads really want a glittery bouncy ball for Christmas?    Anyway, after they shop, they get a cookie.  I'm making snickerdoodle-like cookies, but instead of rolling them in cinnamon-sugar, I'm rolling them in colored sugar.  How festive.

We also have our Girls on the Run pasta dinner tonight, in preparation for tomorrow's race, so I'm making macaroni and cheese, foccacia and cupcakes.  Everyone is supposed to provide a pasta dish + a side dish or a dessert.  Since we're bringing my running buddy, Sarah, whose mom would rather gouge her eyes out than prepare food for such an event (it's just not her bag) I'm making three things.  It'll all work out in the end, I suppose.

Remember last month when I picked out all the green and white sprinkles from the multi colored sprinkle bottle?

To make these soccer team colored cupcakes

Well, in an effort to not be wasteful, I'm using the remaining sprinkles for today's cupcakes.

I think it's pretty safe to assume that pink frosting will be involved.


Hilary said...

Wow! I wish I had more of your grocery shopping gene in me. I am not prepared enough to do a single big shop and prepare for a weeks worth of dinners and baking. The oreo truffles sound AMAZING! I don't want the recipe because then I will make them and eat them, but I do want to live/taste vicariously through your butter, sugary, and chocolaty efforts :)

Alison said...

I dread grocery shopping day. The commissary is a scary, scary place. I actually enjoy the shopping part, but putting it all away is a pain and a half. I'm sure you're famliar with northern virginia townhomes and the 4,578 stairs that come with them.
Carrying that many bags up the stairs is dreadful.

I used to religiously menu plan; now I don't. I also used to make a different recipe every night; now I make the same things over and over. I'm hopeless. I just throw stuff in my cart and hope for the best.

The Oreo truffles are awesome. And easy. But, incredibly messy. I'll probably blog/post pictures of them soon-ish.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mama Kelly aka Jia said...

We eat alot of beans ourselves. Though these days to pinch even more pennies I'm using dry beans more often than I use canned. We've also learned to truly love lentils!

Is personally hoping youll be posting the recipe for those oreo truffles.

Alison said...

here is a link to the recipe:

They're crazy easy and crazy good. Just messy. Once I make some I'll post pictures. :)

Alison said...

PS-- I love dried beans. Especially chick peas. It would be easier and cheaper to cook kidney beans from the dried state, but I read something once about having to boil kidney beans at a certain temperature or they could produce some toxin. I swear, I'm not making this up.

Anyway, I know boiling them is sufficient and the risk is low, but I'm a crazy, neurotic freak and I can't get the idea of potentially poisoning anyone out of my head. :)

Oh, and I love lentils, too. And split peas, but my husband doesn't share that love at all.