Monday, December 6, 2010


It's not exactly news to anyone that I love snickerdoodles.  They're one of my favorite cookies.   I didn't even know what a snickerdoodle was until I received a Betty Crocker cookbook when I was newly married.  When I made them for the first time, I remember Craig eating several of them with great delight.

From that day on, a cookie star was born.  Thanks, Betty.

I went through a snickerdoodle making dry spell for several years, but they've been back in my repertoire this past year.  When we were first married and lived in Missouri, I made chocolate chip cookies every single Sunday for Craig to bring in to work on Monday mornings.  Since this was the olden days (oh, 13 years or so, ago) and Ebony wasn't even a twinkle in my eye, I made them by hand, just a bowl and wooden spoon.  And I used margarine!  Trans fat?! Paritially hydrogenated oil?!  Gasp. 

I'm not sure why I didn't make any other cookie varieties back then.  I guess they must have been really good chocolate chip cookies.  Everyone loves the classics.  I suppose I had my chocolate chip cookie making fill back then because I haven't made them in years. 

That's okay.  It only means I have more time for snickerdoodles.

Buttery, chewy, cinnamon-sugary goodness.

I signed up to make cookies for Caroline's school's holiday shop this past Saturday.  I find most kids like sugar cookies, but the idea of rolling dough, cutting it out, baking and frosting (and then transporting without messing up the frosting) seemed a bit much on a day when I was up to my elbows in pink buttercream and cheese sauce. 

I wanted to mix things up a bit and make festive cookies to go along with the festive atmosphere, so instead of a roll in a cinnamon-sugar mixture, I coated my snickerdoodle dough in red and green colored sugar.

Action shot.

Cascading red dye #40 sugar.

Simple snickerdoodle dough.  Cookie scoops make the process so much easier.

Shake bowl to coat.


Plop on a sheet pan.



The sugar gets all crunchy on the bottom which creates a nice contrast in textures.  Chewy, almost fluffy inside, with a crunchy, super sweet exterior.

A crowd pleaser for kids of all ages. 

Even that big, 39 year old kid, likes them.

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Hilary said...

Such a cute idea! If I hadn't just stuffed myself with enough carbs for three grown humans, I would be lusting after your cookies, but alas I am maxed out in my carb budget. However, I am bookmarking this to try in the VERY near future.