Monday, December 20, 2010

Something You Might Not Know About Me

I wear colorful socks.

My wardrobe is very simple:  jeans and tshirts.  Stacy and Clinton would have a field day with me.
Let's face it, I'm a boring person and quite naturally, you'd expect a boring person to have a boring wardrobe.  Most of my tops (tank tops, tshirts and sweaters) are plain; a very select few may have a simple pattern, but for the most part, I gravitate towards plain.  I'm a real yawner, I know.

Anyway, since my clothes are boring, I wear fun socks.  I haven't any idea when, why or how this started, but it did and I just go with it.  Thankfully Target sells their patterned socks for $1, so it's easy to stock up.

I have stripes

and polka dots

holiday socks

and argyle

I even have some that I can't really categorize.  We'll call this the swirly/dragonfly category.

And now I fear I've revealed to you everything about me.  I have nothing left to disclose.  My life is an open  book and I fear we've reached the final chapter.

What's next?

I better bake something quick so I have something to blog about tomorrow.


Um said...

I did NOT know about your colorful sock addiction. And now I am truly afraid.

Alison said...

Fear not, for my feet are happy. My wardrobe is boring, but my feet are always partying.

We watch a show called Bones. Have you seen it? If not, you should watch it. It's one of those crime solving, prodedurals. but it's really good. Anyway, the FBI agent, Booth ( played David Boreanaz)wears crazy socks with his boring FBI agent clothes. He also wears a belt buckle that says 'cocky' but I don't have one of those.

Don't worry, I've been wearing crazy socks long before I knew anything about Agent Booth on Bones. I am not a copy cat.

I have an odd sense of 'fashion' but I am not a copy cat.


Hilary said...

Please Please get the belt buckle that says Cocky! That would be hilarious.

Alison said...

Ha! Well, thanks to my friend Google, it looks like anyone can own a "Cocky" belt buckle for the low, low price of $38.99.

Maybe I'll order one for Craig. Better yet, I'll get two, so we can match!