Saturday, December 4, 2010

Is There Anything More Photogenic?

Is there anything more photogenic than a Funfetti cupcake with pink frosting?

I think not.

Unfortunately, my butter cream is texturally imperfect, but considering the age and standards of my tasting audience, it doesn't matter one little bit.

Do sprinkles make you smile?

If they don't, they should.  Sprinkles sure make me smile.

We're on our way, on this cold, crisp morning, to the Girls on the Run 5k Reindeer Romp.

It's very early and the temperatures are hovering around the freezing mark, but we're layered up and ready to go.  Last year, it snowed on Reindeer Romp day, so we consider the current clear, yet brisk weather to be quite a fortunate situation.  But still, the prize of a warm drink after we cross the finish line is my main motivation.

I'll share more pictures from yesterday's baking adventures later, but right now, we must don our hats and gloves and get our run on.


Hilary said...

UNF hosted the girls on the run reindeer romp in North Florida this year. We saw lots of girls & very proud Moms shopping and eating post run. How did Caroline do?

Alison said...

Girls on the Run is a really great organization; I'm so happy that Caroline is involved with it. The race was at the Reston Town Center and there must have been 3000 girls + their buddy runner on the course. Needless to say, it was a congested run and any chances of breaking records was out of the question. Caroline and Craig ran together and finished in around 29 minutes. I ran with Sarah, our 12 year old neighbor, and we finished in around 39 minutes.

It was fffffrrrrreezing. But lots of fun, too.

Although, there were a lot of cold, tired, whining girls and lots of buddy runners dragging them by the hand to get them to the finish line. :)

Page said...

Funfetti! Something about the ridiculous ease of those cupcakes makes them taste even more amazing!