Monday, January 18, 2010

Great Eight

The cake didn't turn out as neatly as my obsessive self would have liked. The cake, which was very moist (a good thing!) didn't feel like staying together during the icing process, which resulted in lots of crumbs mixed in with the frosting. I guess that's why they call the first layer of frosting the "crumb coat." I got frustrated a few times and contemplated chucking the whole thing, but thanks to some set up time in the refrigerator, I was able to finish. Frosting marshmallows is a messy job and I'm afraid my patience level wasn't high enough yesterday to complete the task as impeccably as I would have liked. The girls liked it; I guess that is all that really matters.

Can't have a party without cheese puffs! The girls also had (unpictured) goldfish crackers, cheese cubes and strawberries. We also did make-your-own pizzas. I cheated and bought the pre made dough because it doesn't require extra flour to roll out like my homemade dough does. No extra flour = no extra mess.

Craft time!


A pillow pet, courtesy of grandma and grandpa.

One of three Webkinz, "Rio" the Portuguese Water Dog. Our neighbor has a real Portuguese Water Dog named Rio and I knew that Caroline would name her Webkinz that, as well. At least she didn't name it "Bo" like the Obama's dog!

She can light her own candle....

but still needs dad to help wipe the schmutz of her face!

A reenacted blow out scene. I missed the first one!

Fun with balloons.

Guarding them tightly.

Crazy girl wielding a push pin.

Grainy picture. Pouty face.
Evidently, it's okay to threaten to pop other people's balloons, but when yours actually pops, it's not so funny anymore. Better to be a popper than a popee.


Goody bags.

The breakfast of champions? Or an honored request of the birthday girl.

America Alison runs on Dunkin. It's undeniable; it's in the Kennedy genes. Although, much to my dad's dismay, I like Starbucks, too. Sorry dad!

The morning after wreckage.




**I'm sorry about the quality of some of the photos, particularly those taken at night. They're so grainy. I read that flash is bad, so I didn't use it. Perhaps I should have?**


Sissy said...

Flash is bad when you already have natural light, but sometimes you just gotta use it. Especially if you have an automatic camera that won't let you adjust the shutter speed. On my fancy camera, I can adjust for various types of lighting, but you may not be able to with yours. Consult your book.

The lego cake is so cute! And very Caroline. It does look like fun was had by all, including a trip to Dunkin Donuts! Get some rest now.

Alison said...

Thanks, photog friend. I keep the flash off and just didn't think about it last night with all the chaos and everything.
The party was fun and I'm glad it's over. In fact, it's 1:12 and the kids are finally out of the house. Craig took them to see the new Jackie Chan spy kids movie. Finally, a break for me. And it's only fair because he spent the majority of the party upstairs and away from the crazy.
The parents of the other girls are getting off pretty good right now.

Okay, time to vacuum....and then off to the store for vitamins. Not exciting, but I'll be doing it all ALONE.


Lele said...

Um, can I please be an 8 year old girl again? With an awesome mom who makes me Lego cake, preferably? This post took me BACK! So true about the cheese puffs being necessary :D

joshkc said...

What a great 8 y/o party!! Cake is awesome. I'll definetly be asking,'how did you do that?'. Happy birthday Caroline!