Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho--ly Moly

I didn't go to the gym today.  It was too cold.  Ha, just joking.  I mean, I'm not joking about the cold; it's really cold and windy today.  Actually, I did have a gym friend from when I first moved to Virginia who stopped coming to the gym when the weather got cold.  She returned in the spring, informing me that cold weather did a good job of squashing any motivation she had for exercise.  After that one day in the spring, I haven't seen her since.

I digress.

I skipped the gym because last Tuesday in Body Combat, I tweaked my hip.  I felt better by Thursday, but the hurt returned during our run on Friday.  I promised Craig I'd take it easy this week in favor of fresh legs and a good store of physical energy for Friday's 20 mile run.   As much as I hate missing Body Combat, I used this free morning to finish up my Christmas shopping.  I dropped Caroline off at school and got started right away.

With trips to Walmart, Safeway (what you don't Christmas shop at the grocery store?), Michael's and Target, I did a significant amount of damage in three hours.  My hip felt great, but my credit card is smoking right now.

I went to Safeway 1) for Starbucks (three cheers for grocery stores with Starbucks in them) and 2) for mint extract for some brownies I'm making this afternoon.

But, I left with a whole lot more.  Like that surprises anyone.

Caroline loves Bigelow Ginger Snappish tea.  It's a seasonal tea and hard to find.  I gasped with delight (oh, yes I did) when I saw three boxes remaining in the display.  Naturally I bought them all; and a box of Eggnogg'n tea for good measure.

Chocolate chips were on sale, too.  .99 a bag!  I need lots of semi sweet chocolate for next week's Oreo Truffles, so this came at the perfect time.  Never mind the fact that I still have at least four bags in my pantry.  From the way I see it, it's a sin to pass up inexpensive baking goods.

You can't bake without sugar, can you?

I'm a sucker for seasonal flavors and I LOVE Clif bars.

After I finished at Safeway, I went to Michael's for one thing.  Are you sensing a theme here?

Glittery alphabet stickers to monogram a few of these Christmas ornaments for presents.

Along with the stickers, I walked away with clearance ornaments, ribbon and some unpictured stocking stuffers.

I'm adding ribbon to those acrylic stars to add to my 'tree of whimsy.'

Kind of like this one,  but minus the monogram sticker.

Target was my last stop on the shopping train, but those purchases shall go unpictured because my little shadow is an over-the-shoulder reader.   Don't want to ruin the surprise.

I'm sad that all my shopping is done.  I really like shopping.  Shopping, like exercise, is a complete mood booster for me.

Baking too. 

Despite Sunday's royal icing mishaps, I'm back on the baking train today.  I'm ready to redeem myself.


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