Monday, February 8, 2010


Um, yeah.
That about sums up my day.

I could go on and on and on about the snow, complaining about the 567 inches that covered the driveway, but you've probably heard enough. Oh, and did I mention the storm that is blowing through the midwest just might dump another 10-20 inches of snow Tuesday and Wednesday? That'll give my arms a chance to rest up and let the muscles unclench before I tackle more shoveling.
School is cancelled through Wednesday. Evidently the roads are still pretty bad, but I haven't bothered to take a look. With more snow on the horizon, who knows if they'll even have school on Thursday? They better go back by Friday because they're having their Valentine's party and I already bought the supplies to make the valentines.

We're not in any danger of running out of groceries, which is a good sign. Although, our ice cream supply is getting dangerously low. All this talk of grocery inventory sounds as if we're trapped. We're not. I just don't like dodging icebergs with my car and walking through melted snow puddles in the store parking lots.
I really need some boots. Shoveling snow in running shoes isn't recommended (trust me), but my alternative footwear options aren't exactly right for the job. Flip flops + snow = bad idea.
Craig doesn't have proper snow footwear either. We were not made for winter.

I spent the majority of the day cleaning and purging the piled up junk we tend to accumulate so rapidly. I read on another blog about a challenge to get rid of 730 items this year. That's 2 things a day. I'm not sure if that includes old papers. It probably doesn't. So far I have 42 things set aside for donation. Once Craig is securely out of the country on his "vacation" I'll get down and dirty and "accidentally misplace" some of the old, worn out clothes he's loathe to part with.
Oops, did I say that out loud?
Don't you worry, Craig, I was just kidding.

Although, I do have grand plans to burn this gray Nike sweatshirt he's owned since 1997. It's so worn out, the neck hole is twice it's original size and he bought it when he weighed over 200 pounds. In other words: it's old, too big and needs to go. It's kind of sad, though. I remember it being so soft and cozy when he first bought it. Of course, in 1997, I was soft and cozy. Sigh. Aging (in people or sweatshirts) is so depressing sometimes.

Moving on the the next random topic..did you watch the Super Bowl last night?

I would have been happy with either team winning. Although, my Kennedy roots lead me to root for the NFC, because that's what the children of Barry Kennedy are bred to do, but Craig picked the Colts in his illegal office betting pool. Had the Colts won, Craig would have been eligible for the big pot of money. He's quite the talented game picker and was *this close* to taking it all. Oh well, maybe next year. In the end, I don't really care. I did, however, think it was sweet to watch an emotional Drew Brees hold his baby boy, who was smartly (and cutely) wearing headphones, after the game.

What did you think of the commercials?
I didn't pay much attention to them (gasp!) because I was sitting at the computer, but I loved the David Letterman spot with Oprah and Leno. I'm over the Doritos commercials and I simply cannot believe NOW and Planned Parenthood got themselves in such a wad over that innocuous Tim Tebow commercial.

And now on to the halftime show.
Old men, who are well passed their glory days, should not be half time entertainment. I like the Who; Baba O'Riley is an awesome song. Thanks to Janet and Justin and their unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, we're now doomed to watch aging rockers strut their stuff. My mom used to have quite the crush on Roger Daltrey. When I was younger and she was in the "let's rent musicals phase" she brought home "Tommy." At the time, I wasn't the least bit interested, but she sat herself on the carpet in front of the television and sang all the songs, all the while lamenting the dreaminess of Roger Daltrey.

And....that's all I have for now.
Because, seriously, it took all I had to get these words out. I suspect being housebound isn't a good way to keep my mental faculties as sharp as they should be.

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Sissy said...

We're getting very little in the way of snow here, with little forecast for the morning. It might cause a delay, but who really knows? You're so lucky. I would be housebound with you, we would have fun!