Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Horse Pills + Cake

I'm not a big fan of going to the doctor. I don't mind check ups, so much. Or when I went to the OB for prenatal appointments or to the Dermatologist for Accutane. I just don't like going when I'm sick, because it means I'm sick. I don't like being sick. I'm never sick. My immune system is impervious to infection; except for when I had an gnarly case of strep throat last year. Sure, I have chronic sinus issues, but that's not sickness. Sinus problems are just annoying.

Aside from the aforementioned case of strep throat, the last time I was sick enough to warrant a trip to the doctor was when I was 14.

The very thought of going to the doctor with a problem that needs diagnosing petrifies me. You can now safely add hypochondriac to the list of things wrong with me. Neurotic, obsessive, control freak, neat freak, hypochondriac.

Knowing that I'd drive myself crazy googling my symptoms all day (which is NEVER a good idea), I made an appointment this morning. I felt pretty bad yesterday; my lymph nodes were swollen and my neck felt puffy. The doctor took pity on me today and after giving me the once over, sent me away with a prescription for antibiotics. The evidence of a sinus infection is still "inconclusive" but she didn't feel that a course of antibiotics would be superfluous.

Hopefully the antibiotics, which are HUGE GIANT HORSE PILLS, will work and I'll be back to my old healthy self. I haven't exercised in days and am feeling pretty lazy because of it. I have some decent excuses for skipping the gym, but the preservation of my sanity relies on a good trip to the gym.

In other news...the kids are back to school! Tomorrow they're supposed to arrive at normal time, which kind of surprises me, because the roads are still really icy in the mornings. The school system sent out an email this weekend asking parents to help shovel around bus stops and school corners to insure the kid's safe arrival. Many obliged and I heard a report on the news saying that after the parents shoveled to clear walkways, the county plows came through and pushed the snow back onto the sidewalks!
Also, all is not lost on the Valentine front. Caroline's class is having their party on the 19th. Guess I better get to gluing all those hearts I cut out last week. Perhaps I'll save that activity for tomorrow since I won't be gyming it up.

As you can see, the excitement is never ending. I realize this is an extremely uninteresting blog post, but, well, sometimes I'm extremely uninteresting.

However, I must say that our day just got a little more fun. The FedEx man just rang the doorbell and was bearing CAKE! I didn't order a cake, and was prepared to tell him that, but upon further inspection, I was able to conclude who the cake sender was. The cake, a Baum's King Cake, came from Baton Rouge, LA where my sister-in-law and family (all Mardi Gras enthusiasts) were visiting this weekend. It's Fat Tuesday, right? What better way to celebrate than with cake!

Thanks, KC!
Cake appearing on your doorstep is a great way to brighten up your day.

Looks like someone is ready to let the good times roll!


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Here's hoping you feel better!

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