Friday, February 5, 2010


Uh, oh SOMEONE in this family is 39 today. And it's (thankfully) NOT ME!!

Happy Birthday Craig!

I pretty much only have pictures of Craig in his running gear, so this will have to do.

It's been a whirlwind kind of week, filled with many ups, downs, snow, moments of frustration, potential tantrums (on my part) and a few tears, so I'm sure we didn't (and won't) celebrate the big 3-9 in the most desirous fashion.

In case you haven't heard, we're bracing ourselves for some major snow, or as I like to call it Arctic Blast 2010. The weather forecasters are all wetting their pants in anticipation for the projected 1-2 feet (!) of freaking snow that will be dumped on the Washington, DC Metro area.

Color me unamused. I'm SO over snow.
Fairfax County cancelled school, and if this storm is anything like the one we had in December, they'll be out of school for a good chunk of next week. These kids will be going to school until July at this rate. But, as my mom pointed out, that could be a good thing. I'm inclined to agree.

Anyway, in honor of Craig's birthday, I thought I'd list 39 things about him. I write about him a lot, since he's a pretty big part of my life, but he might still be a bit of a mystery to some folks.

  1. He was born on February 5, 1971 in Orlando, Florida
  2. He shares a birthday with his mom, Kathy. Is there a better way to spend your 25th birthday than giving birth to a 10 lb baby?
  3. Craig was over due and spent a good portion of his last few weeks in utero twisted, leaving him out of alignment (mainly his jaw, nose and hips).
  4. The doctors said he probably wouldn't walk, but he did by the age of 2 ( I think?).
  5. He has lived in 10 different states and 1 foreign country: Florida, Arkansas, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Missouri, Hawaii, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia and Japan.
  6. Craig is a Chief Warrant Officer in the US Army.
  7. He joined the Army in September 1989.
  8. He has had three surgeries: ACL knee reconstruction, meniscus (knee) repair and repair of a deviated septum.
  9. Craig is athletic, but his past injuries prevent him from playing sports like he used to. He's a really good basketball player.
  10. He has three siblings: older brother, Ron and younger sisters KC and Sarah.
  11. Craig LOVES kids and is great about taking Caroline and her friends to the movies.
  12. He loves cheese.
  13. He hates tomatoes, onions and squash.
  14. Despite the doctor's projections and his knee injuries, Craig is a talented runner.
  15. He loves all the procedural dramas on tv: NCIS, CSI, Law and Order, Bones, etc.
  16. He does not share my love and appreciation for Reality TV.
  17. In his early Army years, Craig's job was to copy Morse Code.
  18. He has a top secret clearance and isn't permitted to share any of his work related knowledge and information with anyone.
  19. When he was a kid, his birthday meal of choice was lasagna and strawberry cake.
  20. Like Caroline, he could probably eat spaghetti every day and never grow tired of it.
  21. He loves Magnum P.I and I'm pretty sure that if Tom Selleck proposed marriage, he'd say yes.
  22. He likes loud music; Alice In Chains is his favorite band.
  23. He likes to read creepy, thriller books, but also shares my enjoyment of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.
  24. Craig is very chatty, he loves to gab and find out all kinds of info from people.
  25. He has a calculator brain and a knack for numbers.
  26. He never forgets birthdays, anniversaries or other important dates.
  27. He's a fan of online shopping, especially for supplements and exercise related paraphernalia.
  28. He drinks lots of water and leaves his cups all around the house.
  29. He thinks messy cars are perfectly acceptable and gets mad when I clean his car out.
  30. Almost all the clothing Craig owns is either gray, green or blue.
  31. He has more shoes than me.
  32. At Subway he orders the same sandwich every time: roast beef on wheat with cheese, lettuce, pickles, mayo, oil and vinegar.
  33. I almost always order our meals (at places where you order at the counter) so Craig has trouble remembering what to order for himself when I'm not with him.
  34. Craig loves science fiction movies and I DO NOT, so he has grown accustomed to going to the movies alone.
  35. He loves warm weather and humidity. As a kid he would sit in the attic during the summer and sweat. Now, he loves the sauna.
  36. Craig has nice, long, lean legs. I'm jealous of them, but he hates them. He always jokes about getting calf implants to beef them up a little.
  37. He's a great provider.
  38. He's a wonderful dad.
  39. And an easy going and VERY FORGIVING husband.

Happy Birthday Craig!

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joshkc said...

Happy birthday Craig!!! I have to go dry my eyes now after reading that. ;)