Monday, February 15, 2010

School Schmool

Who needs it?

It's a snow day.
Fairfax County Public Schools deemed the roads, sidewalks and bus stops to be beneath their safety standards and therefore decided to keep schools closed today. It's President's Day and before the Great Snow Dumpage of 2010, it was originally slated as a holiday, but was then changed to a snow make up day. So now they have to make up the snow make up day. Yep, they'll be in school until July.

They're "planning" on having school tomorrow, with a two hour delay, of course. I'm remaining cautiously optimistic BUT we're due to get a *light dusting* of snow today. A very small amount, however those snow nazis at the school board are brutal with their school cancellations. Of course, my version of snow nazi is vastly different than that of the school children. The kids are quite happy with the county's liberal use of the snow day policy.

Last President's Day we took Caroline and her friend Bailey to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. Mount Vernon offers free admission on President's Day, so it would be safe to assume that the place was PACKED. We never made it into the actual house. Instead we stood outside in the freezing cold, saw a small parade, the girls played in a tree, we visited the gift shop (the highlight, of course!) and we spent $25 on hot chocolate and ice cream.

It was fun. But we won't be repeating the trip today.

I'd rather sulk about the fact that I haven't been to the gym in nearly two weeks. That, and the fact that we're running very low on carrots. I like carrots, so this is quite traumatizing. The good news is that I still have a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke. No need to go into panic mode. YET.

Actually, I *could* go to the store, but I'm having fun with the idea of making due with what is on hand.

My extra gym hiatus day is probably for the best; I hurt my back shoveling last week and I could use another day of rest. AND I have been dealing with chronic post nasal drip/sinus issues for over a month and I've detected a few enlarged lymph nodes on either side of my neck. I'm sure they're related to my inflamed sinuses, somehow. About five years ago I had one under my chin; the ones on my neck feel the same, I just have more of them. I tried to make an appointment this morning, just to be sure, but I forgot it was a holiday. I'll try again tomorrow.

Thanks to my chronic sinus issues, every morning I wake up sounding like I have a two-pack-a-day habit. It's not pretty. The first cup of hot tea usually helps clear things up, but sometimes it takes a second cup to restore my voice.

I'm not sure if I sound more like Selma...

or Patty?


Okay, time to shower and obsess over all of my physical ailments.

Happy President's Day! May your day be filled with white sales, mattress discounts and red, white and blue cupcakes.


Sissy said...

No snow day here! I had my fingers crossed, but alas, no snow for us yet.

Are you watching the Olympics? Please tell me you are. And, have you made any Olympic treats?

Alison said...

Yes, I've been watching the Olympics. Watched figger skating last night, but missed the last couple. I enjoyed the Canadian dude getting the gold in the freestyle moguls. I think cross country skiing is BO-RING.

No treats. I'd like to, but I'm missing my treat eaters.
I do have to bake for a skool bake sale on Friday, which I'm all excited about. I'm going through baking withdrawls.

Sorry you didn't have a snow day.