Sunday, February 7, 2010

There is More Snow to Come on Tuesday!


Sissy said...

I wish we'd gotten that much snow, because I know I will be going back to school tomorrow at the regular, early time. Sigh. I know I have been a spoiled little princess last week, but I really enjoyed sleeping in.

I'm off to check our weather. It would be nice for us to get some more this week!

Alison said...

It's hard going back to life like a common person after having such a princess week. I'll cross my fingers that you get some snow. Although, you have that long driveway. Shoveling that wouldn't be much fun.
My arms are so tired. But, I must admit that it was a great workout. Hopefully I'll be able to raise my arms over my head tomorrow morning.

nancy said...

Greetings from Florida!

P.S. What happened today when Caroline was crying?

Alison said...

It wasn't Caroline. She doesn't cry that much or that loudly or dramatically, thankfully. Oops, I should have called you back to fill you in.
Rachel, Sarah and Caroline were playing in my car. Sarah slammed Rachel's thumb in the car door. Not on purpose!
It was quite a slam and her thumb had two big indentations in it. Yipes!!
Guess they won't be playing in my car anymore (darn!).
Oh, and I'm also REALLY glad that it wasn't MY kid who did it.