Thursday, February 11, 2010

Maybe I Can Buy a Life In The Michael's Dollar Aisle

With Valentine's Day approaching quickly, Caroline's teacher informed us that the class would be exchanging Valentine's on February 12th. Normally we buy the $3 box of pre cut character valentines, but this year I decided to make them. I know that these are for Caroline and she couldn't care less whether or not the valentines she passes out are homemade or storebought, but I just thought it would be fun to make them. Because, I don't have a life and all. And the saddest part about it is that I never once intended for Caroline to help me make them. Sure, she'll sign her name, but this is a project for ME.

See, everyone wins; Caroline doesn't have to put forth any extra, unrequired effort and I get a project.

I know....

So, instead of taking the easy route and paying $3, I went all out and spent $20 on candy and supplies.

Again, I know....

Scrapbook paper, card stock, cookie cutters to use as a template.

Gel pens and glittery hearts for embellishment.

Baggies of LifeSavers candy to be tied to the valentines with....


Lots of tracing.

Entertainment for the cutting portion of the craft.

Hearts! Lots of them!

The idea was to layer three hearts: plain cardstock cut with pinking shears, a patterned valentine themed heart and a smaller plain colored heart in the center. The plain colored heart would contain Caroline's signature and a glittery sticker. A hole would be punched and tied to a baggie of candy with coordinating ribbon.

Sounds like a good idea, right?

It was.

Except school is cancelled on the 12th because of the snow.

I don't imagine they'll have a Valentine's party on the 15th, so my whole vision might have to be scrapped.

Well, not scrapped. We'll save them for next year.

Do third graders exchange valentines?


Sissy said...

I applaud the craziness and the Gilmore Girls.

nancy said...

Not only is my daughter neurotic, but she is a freak! A delightful freak, but a freak nonetheless.
You do realize that you are One of Those moms that other moms hate?
I'm proud of you!
To be an object of envy is a rare feat.
There's always St. Patrick's Day cards....

Alison said...

It's a tough job being neurotic and freakish, but I'm giving it my best effort.

Runeatrepeat said...

My little brother is in third grade and does exchange Valentine's Day :)