Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day

In case you live under a rock, or do not watch the weather channel as fervently as Caroline does, OR live Hawaii (and in that case, I hate you) OR in another country (?), snow has blanketed much of the US this weekend.
We welcomed the white stuff yesterday, and it is still at the pretty, sparkling, unblemished stage. We're still in the snow coma, if you will. But as you know, beauty is fleeting; mounds of dirty, icy snow are bound to be shoved up against the curbs sooner, rather than later.

I did not take any pictures to document the snow fall yesterday. Honestly, I was in sort of a mood and not particularly eager to whip out my camera. If you're curious, our snowy day was a lot like this day, with a few exceptions. It didn't snow nearly as much, thankfully, and we had soup for dinner instead of chicken and dumplings. Oh, and there wasn't any biscotti or coffee. In fact, I think I actually drank a diet Coke yesterday. By the space heater, of course.

Honestly, it was a long and boring day. I suppose it is safe to say that my overall disposition yesterday had something to do with that fact.

I did watch an episode of the Gilmore Girls (on Soap Net?!), which I found delightful. Sometimes I have to remind myself that Stars Hollow isn't a real place. Although, it's a nice thought, isn't it?
Our cookie cutter townhouse subdivision isn't nearly as charming, but it'll have to do, I suppose.
Sure, Rory slept with her married ex-boyfriend, but it's Stars Hollow. It's quaint. And charming. And there's Luke.

What more could you possibly want?

I suspect today will be a lot like yesterday in the excitement category. I haven't any desire to try and navigate through the icy, unplowed roads. I sure hope the roads are passable tomorrow, because I don't want to miss gym time.

As you can see, I'm as chipper as ever.
Frigid temperatures and an icy front porch will do that to you.


Sissy said...

I have all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and there are times when I am so wrapped up in them that I think Luke's is a real place to eat. One day Charlie asked me where I wanted to grab dinner, and I said "Luke's." He laughed. But we don't have diners like that here...wish we did!

Snow day tomorrow! No school for me! YAY!

Alison said...

NC is icy right now, huh? Tomorrow is a teacher work day, but if it weren't, I'm sure it would be a snow day or at least a 2 hour delay. Things aren't super icy here, but I'm sure the roads will be icy tomorrow due to the overnight cold temps.
Have fun tomorrow!

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