Sunday, January 10, 2010

Speaking of Shenanigans....

Would the mother of this child PLEASE come claim her?
And don't forget the detangling spray!

Caroline obviously enjoyed the lesson on static electricity she received at Mad Science.

And she enjoys crackers, too!

Because, yes, those flecks in her hair are indeed cracker crumbs from a snack she ate on top of the blanket that she used to rub in her hair to create static.

This REALLY happened.

The other night Caroline and Craig were creating a storm of static electricity with their feet on the carpet and blankets on their heads. Then they'd try to create a big spark by touching each other on the face.

They would cry, "Ow" and then do it again.
And again!

Anytime Caroline came near me with her electrically charged hands, I'd scream and threaten to do bodily harm if she touched me. I have bad static memories from living in the dry Arizona desert; you couldn't touch a door handle or a can of food on the shelves in the grocery store without shocking yourself during the winter.

Just to make sure you didn't think my kid walked around with nasty hair everyday, here's a picture to show how lovely her hair can actually look.

Much better. And not creepy and crumby at all.


joshkc said...

I love this!!! She is so cute. Thank you for sharing :)

Sissy said...

My hair could look that shaggy and messed up just from me sleeping on it. Without the crumbs, of course.

Alison said...

Hey KC! Glad you liked the weirdo pictures.

Sissy--My hair looks like that sometimes, too. Caroline has taken an affinity to our bedroom, mostly because there is a tv in there and the basement, where the other tv is, is FREAKING COLD. So, she sits up there in the evenings, most of the time. I have a point...Caroline is also fond of snacks and has been known to eat a snack in MY bed, on MY side and I'll find myself climbing into sheets that have been peppered with crumbs. DRIVES ME INSANE.
I should make her eat her snack elsewhere, but I usually forget about it until I get into bed at night. That girl has all the control! Must be nice.
PS--are you feeling better?