Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beauty is Fleeting

On Saturday the shimmery white snow was beautiful.

Today..... not so much.

I don't know about you, but dirty snow piled up along side the road is a depressing sight.


Sissy said...

I hate the black snow, too! It's all so pretty until it gets dirty and there are so many footprints tracked through it.

Okay, I'm still thinking about those cute star ornaments and what kind of stickers you used. Were they in the sticker section or the holiday section? Our Michael's is almost completely cleaned out of Christmas stuff. I might have to actually wait until next year, but I must know!

Alison said...

They were in the sticker section, kind of near the scrapbooking stickers.

Our Michael's is cleaned out, too. They've already started with the Valentine stuff.

Also, I saw some cute letter stickers at Wal Mart...I think it was the Martha Stewart scrapbooking line. Doesn't she have stuff at Michael's too? And KMart? And Macys? Anyway, they were near the greeting cards/birthday party supplies.