Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brain Function Restored

It appears that I've been restored. Note my un-scrunched up face and look of amusement as opposed to Monday's picture in which I attempted to capture my general feeling of discombobulation.

As it stands, I'm as normal as I'm ever going to be.

I've been busy this week, clearing the brain fuzzies, getting back to a regular gym routine and requainting myself with the revolving wheel of torture (aka the treadmill), baking for Craig's work and participating in a marathon retail therapy session. I'm a frugal girl by nature and don't really buy things I can't justify, unless it's a super clearance deal, so retail therapy isn't my usual outlet. However, I was the lucky recipient of a gift card to Michael's at Christmas. I let loose this week and managed to spend it all. Maybe it's the new year, the desire to start anew, but I've been itching to make some decor changes. I figure if I can't fix me or others around me, I'll fix my house instead. That's why I'm such a neat freak: I cannot control everything, but I can control clutter and the state of our household beautification.

I'm struck by this change-things-up bug once a year or so, and this year in particular, the desire was intense.

It started with a trip to Target for jeans and a few tshirts for Caroline, which resulted in new throw pillows, which led to new wall art and decorative accessories for the bathroom and living room.
The wall art turned into quite a fun and frugal-ish project that I'll share with you in the future.

I blew through the gift card and even PAID FULL PRICE (gasp!) for something today at HomeGoods. Have you been to HomeGoods? If not, you should. The first time I stepped inside the store, I took one look around and declared that I wanted to be buried there. It's like the home section of TJ Maxx magnified. Plates, bowls, bedding, towels, kitchen gadgetry. My personal Disney World. Hey, it's only appropriate. Craig has the running store, Caroline has the Lego store and I have HomeGoods.

This is actually going downstairs in our dungeon basement; the natural light is nonexistent down there so I took as shot of it in our abundantly sun-lit dining room.
Please overlook the fact that I cut the top of it out of the picture.

I took a "mental health" day today. Instead of volunteering in Caroline's class this morning, I went shopping. Isn't that shameful? I know I'm a horrible mother for blowing off my kid and her class, but I just wasn't feeling it this morning. I still went in to stuff the Thursday folders and had lunch with her; that's redeeming, right? I've been plagued with sinus issues, including sleep altering post nasal drip and a scratchy throat this week. I can handle shopping with a sore throat, but trying to get my reading group to listen to me this morning didn't sound nearly as appealing.
On a side note: I swear I have no authority. Kids do not listen to me. Caroline does sometimes, as much as a kid is likely to listen to her mom, but other kids.... Nope. No authority.

Never fear, I'll be back to skool next Thursday. Oh, and tomorrow. Friday is their ice cream social, which was originally scheduled for the Tuesday before Christmas. However, the major snow dumpage put the kibosh on those plans. The funny thing is, it's supposed to snow tonight. Our fingers are crossed that school won't be cancelled. Those kids NEED ice cream!

After my HomeGoods full price purchase today, and a quick trip next door to Safeway for bread and apples, I went to Michael's for the third time in as many days, and used the remainder of my gift card. So, I guess that means I'm done. No more shopping for Alison.

I'm still jonesing for new square dishes and bedding, but those can wait. I'd like to wait until I stumble upon the perfect dishes or bedding. If I'm making a purchases like that, I like to wait until I find the one item that I simply cannot live without. You know, the things that you leave the store without, but despite your wildest attempts, cannot stop thinking about. Thoughts of luxurious bedding and colorful tableware; of great sleep due to soft and supple Egyptian cotton sheets in the most eye appealing hue; of satisfying dinners, pleasantly presented on new square dinner plates.

Maybe that's just me.

Most people don't get attached to inanimate objects.

Guess I'm not like most people.
Anyway, I thought I'd offer a quick (or not so quick) update.

It's been an interesting week; the Smith house has been administered a smack down of sorts, courtesy of Uncle Sam.
I'll be sure to fill you tomorrow.

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Sissy said...

You know I totally love Michael's and HomeGoods, because I am as obsessed with my house as you are. Well, not as clean freak obsessed as you are, but I do enjoy the decorating part muchly.

I am hoping that we at least get a delay tomorrow. That would be nice. I don't really want to miss a day, but sleeping in would be nice. I think I would like it.