Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whew, What a Relief

We emailed our landlords last week, informing them of Craig's impending deployment, because that seemed like the conscientious, adult thing to do. Also, our lease expires before Craig's earliest return date and we needed to hash out a few details. Thankfully, they're as happy to have us rent this house for the remainder of our time at Ft. Belvoir (18 months or so) as we are. Honestly, the thought of having to find a new rental and move this summer, by myself, didn't seem the least bit appealing. The prospect of not finding a rental in this neighborhood has caused many moments of fret, nearing on a full on hives breakout or two.
Moving sucks and when you have to move yourselves, and not with the help of young, strapping moving people, who are paid to carry heavy things up and down the stairs of tri-level townhouses, the suck factor increases ten fold. I love this neighborhood; I love this house, green walls and all. As a military brat, Caroline has been and will continue to be subjected to many, many moves; keeping things stable until our time is up in Virginia is really important to us. And it looks like we'll be able to stay here, near the school and near her friends until we move in 2011.

Good news.

In other news, Craig and I spent two hours in the JAG office today. One hour and 45 minutes of that two hours was comprised of sitting in a small waiting room with a limited amount of interesting magazines to read. We were called back at 2:45 and I immediately told the lawyer, who resembled a brown haired Drew Carey, that I had to leave at 3 to pick up Caroline. He said he'd have our wills and powers of attorney done in 15 minutes. He wasn't kidding!
We did the legal mumbo jumbo, raised our right hands, signed on the dotted line and I left. Craig stayed behind to tie all the ends together, but I wasn't needed anymore, so I left to pick up Caroline.

So now I can legally pull the plug on Craig and then spend all his life insurance money! It's safe to say that he's worth more dead than alive.

But, that's unsavory talk. I shouldn't joke about such things; especially since he can legally pull the plug on me and spend my life insurance money as he pleases.

Clearly, we take life very seriously.


Erica said...

So glad to hear things are working out with your place! Moving is so stressful! Have so much fun at the launch party! I hope you kick some butt and win something cool. Let me know!!

Sissy said...

Charlie is worth more dead too! We always joke about it as well, as we did with my dad before he died. It's gallows humor for sure, but it makes things easier somehow.

nancy said...

I hope you left me something in your will!

Alison said...

We left you Caroline!! Not really. We're donating her to charity if anything happens to us.

The problem is that we don't own anything besides our two cars, so there isn't much to give anyone. That also made this a very easy process.

But don't you worry, I plan to live a LONG, LONG time so that I can spend my big inheritance from you and dad!

Alison said...

Erica---thanks! We got a pre-launch preview of the new Pump release. Maybe I was feeling tired today, but, it was really hard. My thighs were burning on the squat track. I'll have to decrease my weight on saturday; don't want to burn out too quickly.

Sissy--if you can't make fun of the ones you love, then what good is life. Whatever makes it easier, right?