Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boxes Be Gone

I've been holding on to some extra packing boxes from our last move. I am not a pack rat by any stretch of the imagination, but I held on to them because I feared that, being renters, we might find ourselves in a situation which would require us to move on our own, sometime during our three year stay in Virginia. We've been absolutely spoiled by the professional movers the Army supplies us when it's time to change duty stations. Sure they throw your breakables around, break things, leave dents in your walls and dump all of your belongings in a big pile, BUT they deal with all that packing tape, they do all the heavy lifting. The idea of moving on our own is nerve wracking, to say the least.

That first year here, I worried the whole time that we might not be able to continue living here. What if the landlords want to sell this place? What if they want to move back into their house and won't renew our lease? What if they lose this house to foreclosure? The last one is a horrible thought, I know, but these days, you just never know.

After we signed our first 12 month lease, I held on to the boxes, in anticipation (dread is more like it) of a potential move, once the lease was up. Thankfully we signed another lease this summer. And yet I held on to the boxes. I hated looking at them, knowing how much space they were occupying in our garage. But, I kept them, knowing that moving boxes are expensive or hard to secure at a decent (or free) price. As I mentioned last week, it appears that our landlords are more than willing to allow us to rent this house until the end of our stay in Virginia. This is good news all around; we don't have to move and I can finally get rid of the boxes.

Most people aren't burdened by clutter and unnecessary items clogging their space, but I'm not like most people.
As proactive as I am at taming the clutter, I'm far from perfect; I keep more than I should and do allow piles to accumulate, but I really do actively strive to keep it all under control.

I think better when clutter is at bay.

Yes, I'm a nutcase. You don't have to remind me.
It's my mom's fault. No, really. It is.

Just ask her.

In other unrelated news, I went to Wal Mart for vitamins and stumbled upon this shirt for Caroline.

It was only $3!

The material is really soft, which I wouldn't necessarily expect from a three dollar Wal Mart shirt. Hopefully it won't fall apart in the wash!


nancy said...

Tell Craig that I say, "You're welcome."
You, ARE a fruitcake, you know.

Sissy said...

I always kept my boxes. After moving in and out of the dorm so many times, I just learned to keep them under my bed. It was great too, since I ended up moving apartments a lot after college too.

I understand. I really and truly do.

Alison said...

Mom--Craig's only reply would most likely be something unfit to type on this blog. ;)

Sissy--you did move a lot, didn't you? We've never had to do it by ourselves, but I imagine it isn't much fun. *IF* we did have to find a new house here, we would definitely hire someone to help with the big stuff, but I'd still have to do the packing. Two sets of narrow stairs and two moving novices wouldn't paint a pretty picture.
I can't hide anything under our bed because it's a sleigh bed with the wooden rails. You can see under it, if you look closely enough. And well, we won't go there... However, Caroline has an old school bed with a dust ruffle so I do store stuff under her bed.

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