Monday, January 4, 2010

My Brain Hurts

And NOT because I've been using it for intellectually stimulating purposes. I haven't been trying to cure cancer, balance the national budget, crack some secret computer code or figure out why the Bucs only won 3 games this season.

In fact, I've been doing NOTHING lately. This weekend, I remained huddled in the house, hiding from the blustery and bone chilling winds we've been plagued with.
I read The Fudge Cupcake Murder, did laundry and listened to Craig moan, groan and curse about his picks in this week's football pool.

Like I said, no rocket science was happening here.

And yet, my brain has gone on a vacation; it's a little bit muddy up there on the top of my head. I've misplaced things, had a recipe snafu, a dinner that didn't quite set up, bought items that I *thought* needed to be replaced when they didn't and didn't buy the items I REALLY needed. And I had a list!!!

We're talking full on space cadet mode.
If my hair wasn't so dark, a few blonde jokes would be quite appropriate.

Just look at me.

Yes, I realize I posted the same picture twice, but the other shots I had included an unfortunate eyebrow situation that I wasn't quite comfortable sharing with you all.

My brain may be out to lunch, but my vanity remains intact.

I actually have a few things to blog about, but that'll have to wait a few days.

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Sissy said...

Love the scarf, Alison! Sorry about the brain fuzziness! I'm sure you'll overcome it soon.