Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yes, I Have No Bananas

We're out of bananas. (insert appropriate gasps of horror)

I never run out of bananas. I buy them twice and sometimes three times a week to insure that we don't run out. I need a banana with my breakfast like I need oxygen to breathe. A green smoothie is not as sweet and creamy without a banana incorporated into the mix. It is also safe to say that I am not the same person when I can't drink a green smoothie a few times a week. I feel less energized without them; and I might be mistaken, but I think I also glow a little less. ;)

I selflessly used my last banana yesterday, the one I was saving for my breakfast this morning, to make a smoothie for Caroline and her friends. How's that for parental sacrifice? Seriously, I should get an award for this. For reasons still unbeknownst to me, I didn't stop by the store after the gym to buy more bananas, even though I knew we were out and I wanted a smoothie. Maybe I was up for a little challenge? Maybe I was just feeling lazy and knew I'd be going to the store on Thursday? Or maybe it's because I was sweaty and smelly and not in the mood to inflict my gym "glow" on other unsuspecting grocery store patrons. My love of bananas was trumped by my sincerest desire to not smell in public.

See, I am self-less.

And modest.

Don't you worry about me. I'll do fine; I can go banana-less for a day. Besides, we have grapes, plums, peaches and clementines; our fruit bowl overfloweth.

In other news, today is Kiss and Make Up Day. If you're mad at someone, I highly encourage you to embrace the spirit of Kiss and Make Up Day, and go kiss and make up. Or hug and make up. You might not want to kiss the cable guy you're mad at or your neighbor, who put their little baggie of dog poop in your recycle bin (ahem!); that would be highly inappropriate. I'm currently not mad at anyone, therefore I will not be participating in Kiss and Make Up Day. Honestly, I'm a little upset at my camera for conking out on me, but I'm not sure hatred for inanimate objects applies.

That's okay, I might not be able to celebrate Kiss and Make Up Day today, but you can bet that I'll be living it up on August 27th.

Yep, August 27th is Banana Lovers Day.

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