Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dollar Store Goodies

There is a Dollar Tree store right next to my gym; I don't go there all that often, but I find that the dollar store is great for certain items, most especially birthday party paraphernalia. Aside from the occasional serendipitous find, like Almay mascara for a dollar (obvs), I limit my dollar store purchases to things like hand sanitizer, gift bags and kitchen utensils. I love using those big, sturdy, heat resistant rubber spatulas; I could pay $5-$10 for ONE at any other store, but at the rate I go through them, the dollar store variety works just perfectly for my needs. The life span of my kitchen utensils is pretty short, especially when crazy children claim them for use in making mud pies and various other dirty ventures. There is nothing like finding soup spoons and spatulas buried in bowls of mud and leaves on the front stoop after the kids had fun playing what they call "the gross show." Oh and I can't forget to mention the kid's make shift fly swatters in the form of my spatula/pancake turners.

It's a battle I'm not fit to win. Therefore, I'm thankful for dollar store spatulas.

The other day we stopped in the Dollar Tree after the gym to get a gift bag for a birthday gift. I was sweaty and stinky and had no business shopping in my disheveled state, but we needed a gift bag. Like always, the 'just one thing' I had to buy turned into several 'one things'.

I've been on the hunt for some new coffee mugs for quite some time. I have a list of qualities I need my coffee mug to have and it's hard to find one that has it all. 1) sturdy 2) holds a lot of liquid 3) has a big handle to fit my man hands comfortably 4) simple design (ie no jokes, inspirational poems, ugly designs or pictures of puppies)

Actually number 3 is most important. I have huge hands and cannot stand when coffee mugs have little handles. I'm not dainty; never have been, never will be and therefore I need a sturdy mug. There's nothing worse than cramming your huge mitts into a dainty little loop. I have two mugs that fit my criteria, however, they're OLD and one has a crack in it, rendering it not long for this world.

Imagine my happiness when I found these mugs. They're simple, sturdy, of a decent size and have a large handle.


I never thought about getting clear mugs, but I think they look kind of neat.

Don't mind me, I'm easily amused.

Back in the household section of the dollar store, I also stumbled upon these dish racks. I don't need a dish rack, but I used my wits (and grand desire to have everything organized) and brainstormed other applications for the racks.

1) to store my pot lids (sort of) upright

2) to store my muffin tins and cookie cooling racks in my baking cabinet.

My cupboards have never been happier. Well, the muffin tins are happy to have a designated home, but the rest of the junk in there needs a little rearranging. I'll get to that eventually. Just as soon as I figure out why my new camera takes such fuzzy pictures.

Anyhoo, the Dollar Tree has all sorts of hidden treasures, including this lovely gem

Craig, despite his many endearing qualities, loves Good & Plenty candy (black licorice....blergh!); I don't know what possessed me to purchase Good & Plenty flavored lip gloss for a 39 year old dude, but well.....Caroline thought it would be fun.

But hey, it's only a buck.

Hooray for dollar store finds...both useful and utterly ridiculous.

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