Thursday, August 5, 2010


Caroline's bathroom is decorated with blue and yellow; the floor is blue, so we just sort of went with it. Up until recently I kept her tooth brush and toothpaste in a silver wire basket. It was functional, but not the prettiest sight I've ever seen. I stumbled upon these little blue buckets in the Target dollar spot the other day. They're functional, bright and cute, but a little boring.

Oh, hello.

Look Mom, three hands!


Yesterday, I went to Walmart (where I also impulsively bought that straw cup) and procured supplies to fancy up those little buckets. We could all stand a little embellishment every now and then, no? Bedazzlers aside, of course.

I've never used glue spots before, but they're actually pretty handy.

Handy and sticky. I had trouble laying the sticky dots on the bucket smoothly, but in the end, it didn't matter too much.

I wrapped the wider polka dot ribbon around the base of the bucket; the glue spots work really well as an adhesive.

Then I took the narrower grosgrain ribbon and glued it around the middle (or somewhere near the middle) of the wider ribbon.

Ta da!

Easy Peasy.


Mama said...

You're so crafty.
Mama's so proud.
I thought I'd write a poem, but I don't know where Dad put my rhyming dictionary.
And all I can think of is "cloud" to rhyme with proud.

Alison said...

shroud, crowd, plowed, vowed, wowed

That's all I have. Rhyming is fun.

Sissy said...

I discovered those glue dots at Michaels and love them too! It must be the same basic stuff that they use on the back of gift cards to adhere them to the cardboard sleeves they come in, right?

You forgot "loud."

Alison said...

Yeah, glue dots rule.

Ha, how could I forget loud? Oh and bowed.

Mama said...

You're so crafty
Mama's so proud
I like your kid
But she can be loud.


mom said...

P.S. I stationery (ary?) biked next to Bonnie Ignaco yesterday and she remembers you. Was she the one who taught you to shake wet clothes before putting them in the dryer?

Alison said...

You're such a good writer! Somebody should pay you to do it. Mrs. Ignaco was the REACH(?) teacher. You know, since I'm so gifted and all. During the home economics unit she did teach us to shake the laundry. Of all the things to remember, eh? I also burned orange juice in that class. Does she still teach?

Mom said...

She teaches art at Rock Crusher Elementary. If I see her again I'll have to thank her for the laundry-shaking info.

Elizabeth said...

1) Love the buckets-have never seen the glue dots, but I will now be on the lookout for them.
2) How or why did you burn OJ?
3) Why do you shake your laundry?
4) Did you intend for your blog to become an educational site for the rest of us? I learned a lot from today's entry. ;)

Alison said...

1) Do find the glue dots. Do you scrapbook? I think that's what they're intended for, but I don't scrapbook. I think they'll also be good for posters and things I, er, Caroline will have to do for school.

2) In that class we did a home economics unit. We had to make breakfast and the oj was of the frozen concentrated variety. I was *supposed* to gently thaw in in the microwave, but somehow managed to cook it. Um, yeah. Thankfully my cooking skills have grown since that day in 11th grade.

3)We also learned in that unit that if you shake each individual clothing item as you remove it from the washing machine and place it in the drier, it'll be less likely to get tangled and wrinkled in the dryer. I'mm impatient and don't do it often, but it appears that my mom does.

4) Well, I am a font of information, after all. It's my duty to impart some of my widsom on those who kindly read The Neurotic Housewife. ;)