Saturday, August 7, 2010

Running in Circles

I took Caroline to the track with me this morning. Normally my overall good sense and judgement prevents me from doing so, but today I felt adventurous. Besides, with the promise of a doughnut (gasp, I bribed my child!!) at the end, she was more than willing to sit outside patiently while I logged a couple of miles.

Hurdles scare me. Maybe it's because I have short legs, but for whatever reason, the idea of hopping over those things seems scary and painful.

Caroline came with grand plans to show off some of her own moves.

While I ran in circles, Caroline worked her quads on the stairs.

Side note: this was Caroline in March. Look how dark her hair is.

Second side note: This picture was taken the day before she woke up with a huge, swollen fat lip. In hindsight, her lip looks a little puffy in this picture. Or, maybe her mouth is filled with a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Sheesh, I've mentioned doughnuts twice in this post. That can't be

Anyway, see how light her hair is in the picture?

I always tell her that ladies pay big bucks to get the same blond highlights she gets naturally.

I must admit that Caroline was very patient and well behaved while I ran. Well, except for the time I caught her kicking her soccer ball on the track, weaving in and out and potentially kicking her ball into the path of two other runners. She wasn't happy that I scolded her, but obviously my instructions to kick the ball on the grass were not clear enough.

Thick headed like her mom.

It's hard work being a pain in the neck; hydration is a must after potentially tripping fellow runners with her pink (and glow in the dark) soccer ball.

I'm thankful to have been able to get in a few miles this morning. For obvious reasons, my freedom to run has been pretty limited since school got out.

And, as promised we walked over to Dunkin Donuts for Caroline's post run treat. Perhaps iced coffee isn't the wisest choice for refueling, but I've never claimed to be wise.

All I know is that is tasted GOOOOOD.


Marcey said...

Is this at Hayfield HS? was wondering if you could use the track there on weekends...

Alison said...

Marcey--nope this was the track on Ft. Belvoir. I'm pretty sure you can use the Hayfield track. I've seen lots of people down there on the weekends before.