Monday, August 23, 2010


Yesterday I posted the above picture and posed a simple question: what do you think this nail polish is named?

As you can see, this is a soft, girly, slightly pink, pearly color. A color that, in my mind, requires a soft name.
I appreciated the guesses you left in the comments section, especially perlicious, cotton candy shimmer and pepto sparkle. Oh and "not enough red paint mixed with silver" but that might be too long to fit on the bottom of the bottle.

You provided nice, cute names for a nice, cute bottle of nail polish.

This is a color you'd put on your four year old's nails without question. It's a girly, feminine color; a color which deserves a girly, feminine name.

So you could only imagine my surprise when I picked up this little bottle of soft, pearly nail polish then flipped it over only to discover that it is named Nasty Girl.

Nasty. Girl.

How is it that anyone could see this color

and think nasty girl?

Am I missing something here? Perhaps I'm more out of the loop than I originally thought?

How could anyone think that pink + sparkly + shimmer = nasty girl.

The term nasty girl conjures up images in my head that have little to do with pink, sparkly and shimmery. If the nail polish namers felt like taking a darker route with this color, I would have preferred Vicious Trollop to Nasty Girl. Nasty girls don't wear fairy princess nail polish. Nasty girls wear, tell you the truth I'm not sure what color nail polish a nasty girl would wear.

Am I wrong here? Should I do something to break free from my happy, non-nasty girl bubble? Do I need a subscription to Cosmo magazine? Am I THAT oblivious to the ways of the world?

I don't get it.

Tell me I'm not the only one. Please!

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Sissy said...

That is a totally strange name for the nail polish! I don't get that one at all. Someone fell down on the job with that one. I generally laugh at the ones I find at the pedicure place, the OPI ones are great.