Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back in Business

Picture taking can resume now that I bought myself a pretty plum colored camera. I figured pink didn't work out so well for me, so I thought I'd give purple a try. Although it looks kind of brown in this picture.

I actually had a better picture, but you could see down my shirt and I figured that I'd rather post a so-so picture instead of flashing the internet at large.

I'm not crazy about this camera yet; I liked my Canon better, but I need some time to play with it. I really, REALLY want a DSLR camera and will get one eventually, but I wasn't ready to make that purchase yet. This little point and shoot will have to tide me over until I decide which fancy camera I really want. Besides, sometimes a compact camera is more convenient; and in my case, less expensive to replace when they conk out.

RIP pink camera with your broken lens. You will be missed.

Go join your friends in my useless camera parts graveyard drawer.

The best way to get to know your camera is to practice. To practice, I carried my camera around and shot pictures of random junk.

Caroline and her friends are currently on a friendship bracelet making kick. Naturally, our house is the friendship bracelet making hub and I have bits and pieces of embroidery thread EVERYWHERE. I think that stuff multiplies faster than rabbits can reproduce.

Ugh, it's everywhere.

Then I went upstairs because the only room in our house that receives a fair amount of natural light is our guest room. Since we never have guests, the guest room serves as a catch all room.

Caroline's school supplies are currently stored in there.

As is a pile of stuff I'm about to donate.

And then I took pictures of a basket full of berries

and some "Craig" food, since he'll be home soon.
I haven't bought meat in over six months and it felt a little odd placing it in my cart today. When Craig deploys, he goes on a "deployment diet" and I go vegetarian. I'm not ethically opposed to eating meat, but I really do prefer chick peas.

I also bought "Craig" some ice cream,

and (blurry) Nutella.

Only, I must confess that the ice cream and Nutella aren't really for Craig. They will be shared, if necessary, but they're really for Caroline me.

I need to keep fiddling with my new camera. I hope I can iron out all the kinks because who wants to see blurry photos?

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