Sunday, June 14, 2009

Worth It?

I would have snapped a photo of Caroline's partner in crime, Bailey, but she was "conveniently" called home for dinner.

As I helped Caroline clean up, I asked her if the "Lego War" was worth the clean up. She said, "no, it was fun, what else do you expect kids to do when they're bored."

I said, "so you had fun?"

"Yes," she replied.

And then I told her that if she had fun, and she didn't mind cleaning up, than the Lego War WAS worth it.

"Oh" she said. "I got confused."

Maybe if I put a couch in that empty space the kids would stop using it as a battlefield.

Nah, they'd just find a way to use the couch for some sort of evil.
They're experts at evil.

Speaking of not worth it, Caroline's teacher sent home an email telling us of a big Scholastic Book warehouse sale in Maryland, just a few minutes from Ft. Meade, our old stomping grounds.

Always ready for a bargain, and in desperate need of an outing that didn't involve Wal Mart or the grocery store, Craig and I planned to pile us all in the car upon my return from the gym Saturday morning and head on up the road to buy us some books.

Guess what?

Um, yeah.
Thanks to the magnificent Beltway traffic, road work (on saturday!) and idiot drivers who don't merge when they see a "left lane closed up ahead" sign, we drove 3 miles in an a little more than an hour.
People walk faster than we drove.
Hot, hungry, fed up and no longer in the mood to read, we exited the interstate and ended up at the Subway/McDonalds two miles from our home.
It took us an hour and a half to eat lunch two miles from home.
As much as I adore bargain basement prices, especially on books, nothing was worth sitting in that slower than molasses traffic.
A few days ago I was thinking to myself how pitifully boring my life is. How I needed something to do, or someplace to go. As they say, God works in mysterious ways. He used that hour and a half stuck in the car to remind me why I am a homebody.
I shant complain anymore.

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