Monday, March 8, 2010

Natural Botox?

Caroline has a fat lip.
It appeared out of nowhere last night; her lip is really quite puffy. Like in a Dr. 90210 was a little heavy handed with the Botox injections, puffy.

The problem is that the origin of this puffy lip is yet to be determined.

No trauma.
No bee sting/bug bite.
She didn't eat anything out of the ordinary that might cause an allergic reaction.

She looks like she fell or got smacked in the mouth, but claims she didn't.

How can one develop a fat lip so mysteriously? Perhaps she did bump it and forgot? Heck, I do things like that all the time. I play "guess the origin of the mystery bruise" quite often.
However, Caroline isn't as clumsy as me and I'm pretty sure she'd remember being bitten by an insect.

My initial thought was that her two front teeth, the ones with the fractured roots, that have been healing so nicely, are infected, but she doesn't have any tooth pain. Her lip doesn't even hurt.

I don't like unsolved mysteries.

I kept Caroline home from school today. Not because of the fat lip, but because she felt a little warm last night and had a restless night of sleep. She wasn't amused to be staying home, because she'll be missing her school work, but I assured her that Mrs. Fay would understand. How much longer do I have before she'll start rejoicing at the thought of missing schoolwork? Her temp when she woke was only 99.1, which is hardly classified as a fever at all, but with the warmth last night, the crazy sleep and the baffling puffy lip, I chose to keep her home.

Mondays are half days, anyway.

Thinking that maybe she was experiencing an allergic reaction, I have Caroline some Benadryl this morning. The puffiness has diffused a little, but it's still noticeable.

I don't know.

Caroline doesn't seem to be bothered by any of this; she's not in pain and once she got over not being able to do her school work, she's been happily watching television in her new pool inner tube.
Don't ask.

I told Caroline that she's pretty lucky; some ladies pay big money to have supple, puffy lips like the ones she acquired naturally accidentally.

Somehow, she didn't seem all that impressed.


Anonymous said...

Maybe its a cold sore? I get cold sore's on my lip about once a year and they typically start out as a big fat lip without any pain. Then, they turn to a sore which is not so attractive. I'd like to blame this one on grandma since she gets cold sores too, so Caroline can give a big thanks to her great grandma Pat for this one if it is in fact a cold sore! Poor lil bugger! - Jen :)

Alison said...

Thanks, Jen.
My sister in law suggested the same thing. I've never had a cold sore so I'm, obviously, unfamiliar with them. I assumed that they start full force with a sore, not just a painless puffy lip, which is Caroline's situation right now. I'll keep an eye out to see if a sore appears. All this talk of sores makes my toes itch!
Thanks for your help.

nancy said... me.
But what do I know? I remember a Montery softball game when Laura kept saying her head itched and I said, "Um, so scratch?" and it turned out to be head lice.
Maybe Caroline has lip lice!
Or maybe not.

Alison said...

Wow, thanks for the incredibly helpful advice, mom. I do remember the head lice incident. That's similar to when Caroline was having a reaction to penicillin and I kept saying "oh, it's just a bug bite, stop itching." Ha! Her back was covered in a red rash. Oops.