Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mother of the Year

That's me.

Mother of the Year.

And why do I think I deserve the Mother of the Year award?
Well, I went running in the rain this morning.

An amazing act of selflessness. True devotion to my child, right?

Caroline's school is having it's second annual 5k run in May. To prepare anyone interested in running the 5k, one of the dads is conducting a modified Couch to 5k program on Saturday mornings. I have planned on running the 5k all along, but last week, Caroline went with her friend, Bailey to the running club meeting and afterwards expressed her desire to continue participating. It would be wrong to deny my child her sincere desire to participate in any sort of physical activity, so I told her I'd take her to the remaining meetings.

It sounded like a good idea last Saturday. In fact, I was quite excited about it. It sounded like a good idea on Wednesday, too. It did not, however, sound like a good idea yesterday when I saw this weekend's projected rainy forecast.

I don't like to run in the rain. It's cold. And wet.
I don't like being cold and/or wet.

However, the Croc Trotters run rain or shine.

We're not pansies. We're not quitters. We're not whiners.
So, we went. And trot, we did.

And you know, it wasn't that bad. I can't say that I have total appreciation for rain soaked clothes and cold, wet feet, but we survived.
It was fun seeing Caroline run. She's got some natural talent and seemed to have a really good time.

I'm sure many other mothers make more substantial sacrifices for their children, you know, like donating a kidney or something. I can admit that. I realize a mom who risks her own life to save her drowning child is probably more worthy of the Mother of the Year title than me and my wet feet, but who am I kidding?

I ran in the cold rain.

Somebody, please give me an award!

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