Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Confessional

Because nothings says "let's celebrate the Resurrection" like buying a cart load of cheap Easter candy.

It's safe to assume that I'm as easily affected by BOGO Easter candy as I am by bargain basement prices on clearance racks. In other words: I'm a sucker. A sucker for a good deal. And more importantly, a sucker for egg shaped chocolate. Or any chocolate, for that matter.
I must also confess that this picture isn't a full and accurate representation of my secret candy stash. I've got a dark chocolate bar (or two) and some unclaimed valentine candy hanging around, as well.

While I'm confessing, I suppose I should come clean about this horded candy. In the interest of transparency and "keeping it real" around here, full disclosure is the prudent thing to do.

My name is Alison and I have a secret candy stash.

A super secret stash, hidden far from the sights and reaches of my grabby kid and her equally grabby friends. In our house, the sentiment seems to be that "our pantry is their pantry." When snacks for the hungry masses are involved, it's a free for all. Naturally, I have to protect what is rightly mine. This secret stash is a stash that I do not intend to share with anyone.

And do you know what? I feel no guilt. No compunction.


None whatsoever.

Honestly, I don't break into the stash often. I, do however, find it comforting to know that a little baggie of Cadbury mini eggs is available at my disposal, should I find myself furiously raiding the pantry in a hormonal fit of chocolate desire in the mood for some chocolate.

And lastly, on a completely unrelated note, I feel I should also confess that I'm often puzzled by the proper use of the words affect and effect. In fact, I confess that I actually googled and stumbled upon Grammar Girl's helpful affect vs. effect tutorial.

I'm happy to report that it all seems a little bit clearer to me now. Which is great, because I dig clarity.

And chocolate!


Sissy said...

This literary agent guy whose blog I read was talking about that the other day, how so many people mess up words. Type one when they mean the other. Affect, effect, lie, lay, breath, breathe, peak, peek, pique. And so on. He asked us all to list ones that we hated seeing in print. I admit to trouble with it's and its. It could go either way.

Alison said...

The English language is so messed up.
I also have trouble with who, who's, whose. Especially whose. Ack, that gets me.
I don't have trouble with this one, but sometimes people say "loose" instead of "lose" and vice versa.
I read a blog where the author always says "suppose to" instead of "supposed to" and it drive me nuts.

How's the slumber party going? Are you surviving? Good luck, my brave, brave, friend.