Sunday, March 14, 2010

Glamour Girl

Daylight savings time?

I don't know anyone who likes losing an hour of sleep, so I assume I'm not alone in my sentiment. While many people don't appreciate the shortened sleep issue, lots are happy to have more daylight. I actually hate when it stays light so late; I may be alone in this, but I like when it gets dark at 5.

This morning was the first morning in Caroline's 8 year old existence where I had to MAKE her get up. My cheerful early bird would have willingly slept until 9, but I made her get up so that she's not wide awake at 10pm tonight. Despite my best intentions, I'm willing to bet she'll still be awake at 10, but at least I did my part.

Caroline went to a birthday party yesterday. It was a glamour girl party, which is a foreign concept to the poor girl. It's probably my fault, no it IS my fault, that Caroline isn't a girly girl. I can't help it. Together, Craig and I banned any and all "princess" talk from the get go. I bought her durable, comfortable play clothes instead of dresses and hair bows. Besides, how am I supposed to raise a dress loving girly girl when I've only worn a dress once in nearly 9 years? We're not hopeless, though. We both have glimpses of femininity underneath our tough girl exteriors. Just don't pay attention to our man hands, please. Caroline may be dirty most of the time and smell like a teenage boy after a hard day of play, but she still likes pink and babies and butterflies and nail polish. A good combo, I do declare.

At the party, Caroline and the other girls had their nails painted and hair all done up. She looked so pretty, but so different at the same time.
Being the airhead that I naturally am, I forgot to take a picture of the hair do. We didn't think to get the camera until I was removing the 57 bobby pins in her hair. Even if a curly semi-up do isn't Caroline's day -to-day style, the curly hair and copious amounts of hair spray helped to make a fabulous pony tail.

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Sissy said...

I remember when we went to Wil's wedding and you couldn't decide what to wear. It was easy for me, but you just didn't like dresses.

But I bet Caroline looked really nice with her hair and the nails were pretty.