Thursday, March 4, 2010

Battery Cores + Clearance Sucker

I returned the old battery to Wal Mart today. Here's a tidbit of information in case you ever find yourself in my situation: when you buy your battery and you ask the sales associate at the register if you should return your old dirty, broken battery core to the Tire and Lube Express and she tells you, "no, bring it to Customer Service," don't listen to her. She's wrong.

Hopefully this will spare you 20 minutes of wasted time in the Customer Service line. Of course, once you get to Tire and Lube Express, you'll have to wait for a manager to credit your card with the $9 you're owed. So waiting is definitely a part of the whole process. And, if you're like me, you'll also witness the constant coughing and throat clearing of an obviously sick sales associate, while you're waiting for the manager to arrive. If you're like me, you might find this a little gross.

Alas, the deed is done and I can now move on with my life.

And by move on, I mean, enjoy the fruits of my clearance rack searching.

Yes, I walked by the clearance racks again.
I can't help it.
It's a sickness. And I got it bad.

I stumbled upon more shirts for Caroline; this time they were $2. I thought about purchasing these same shirts on Monday for $3, when I bought the battery, but I held off. I'm happy to report that my restraint served me well. Of course, restraint on Monday means clearance shopping with reckless abandon on Thursday.

Actually, I only bought three shirts; all in a much larger size that will fit Caroline in years to come. I just hope she isn't accused of dressing like a walking valentine.

But look, it's organic cotton.

How fancy are we?

Forgive my utter cluelessness, but how is organic cotton any different or any better than regular cotton? It's not like we eat it and absorb any pesticides that might have been sprayed on the cotton. Does it really matter?

I buy organic stuff. Not religiously, but I do. I bought the sweetest, tastiest organic carrots from Trader Joe's a couple weeks ago. They were seriously awesome. I like the idea of pesticide free and/or minimally processed foods (just don't look in our pantry...or if you do, let me hide the Oreos first) and things grown without pesticides, but I'm easily turned off by people who make it blatantly, pretentiously clear that they only eat organic. I'm glad you're eating an organic apple, really, I am, but just say you're eating an apple; you don't have to specify whether or not it's organic. I won't think less of you if it's not. Because you know what? I don't eat organic apples. They always look so anemic in the stores. I like non-organic apples with the wax on them; they're shiny. I like shiny things.

I just don't like that we've separated ourselves by the food we eat. Sure Hamburger Helper isn't good for you (and for what I've heard, it isn't exactly tasty either), but a mom that feeds her family Hamburger Helper and plop and bake biscuits doesn't love her family any less than a mom that buys organic everything, grinds her own wheat and feeds her kids tofu nuggets.

It just further adds to the guilt factor that moms face daily.

Does regular milk, potentially containing hormones, really make our kids develop too quickly? Is food coloring in yogurt or fruit snacks really that bad? What if someone finds out that my kid has eaten ramen noodles and broccoli for five days straight? What will they think of me?


Okay, tangent over. Let's get back to shopping.

I didn't find any good clearance deals for myself, but I did stumble upon some clearanced dish towels and a rug to brighten up the kitchen.

My eye is automatically drawn to the color green these days. Maybe it's because spring is on the way?

All the dish towels were .50 and the rug was around $2.

They're plain towels; not exciting in the least. But, they're colorful and only .50! Most of my towels are looking a little worse for wear, so these were a welcomed find.

And on a COMPLETELY unrelated note, I despise theme dress up days at school. Tomorrow is "dress like your favorite book character day." Wha? How likely is it that you have book character costumes hanging around your house. Why can't it be "everybody wear stripes day" instead?

Stripes are easy. Why can't they make it easy on us?


nancy said...

That's my Bod.
And Craig? You're welcome!

Sissy said...

Because stripes wouldn't be as fun, now would they?

I'm glad that there was more clearance stuff! Fun times.

Organic stuff is such a huge industry. I wonder about it sometimes. Yes, I imagine that on occasion not having pesticides on my food would be good, but the increase in cost can outweigh the benefits. I don't know, something has got to kill us, and I don't know that organic food is going to save us. Bah. We'll see. I might change my mind when I have kids. One can always eat one's words!

Alison said...

One can always eat one's words.

Ah, so true, my friend, so true.

I don't think organics will save us, either. And it certainly won't help us save any money.

I don't give a whole lot of thought to the organic/non organic thing in our own diets. I'm a little more focused on ingredient lists. I like to be able to prounounce most of the ingredients on the package. Of course, I still buy and eat so many things that aren't exactly classified as "real" or "whole" foods.

It's about balance. If I feed Caroline frozen chicken nuggets or something equally processed, I give her two veggies and something whole grain. Two rights cancel a wrong. Or something like that.

That's what I tell myself anyway.

Mom--you've taught me well. I guess since you gave up recreational shopping for Lent, I'm picking up the slack for you. I'm helpful like that.