Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Come On In, Again

Are you ready for the conclusion of the Neurotic Household tour?

You are? Great!

Well then, let's get going.

We left off yesterday way downstairs in our frigid dungeon of a living room. The frigid dungeon requires space heaters and thick socks during the winter, but is a refreshing retreat during the hot summer months.

Now it's time to climb some stairs. The first set will lead you up to the middle level, where the kitchen is; hang a right and go up even more stairs. Your quads may burn (especially when you're carrying a mammoth basket of laundry), but they'll be firm and strong. I'd take a picture of the stairs, but the carpets are dirty. You don't want to see that. If you're like me, which I sincerely hope isn't the case, you will avoid turning on the hall light at all costs to prevent yourself from being appalled by the condition of the carpet. I suppose I should pull out the carpet cleaner sometime soon.

Remember my scrapbook paper project? I'm not happy with the spacing of these pictures, but once again, I was working with existing holes in the walls. I figure our landlords would prefer that we not go nail crazy in their walls.

Now that the lactic acid is effectively causing your quads to smolder, let's visit Caroline's room.

Shelves of fun.

Basket of Webkinz. There's Lulu, the llama. I'm still quite smitten with her.

I refrained from snapping pictures of the Lego explosion on the other side of Caroline's room; it's not pretty. But, on the bright side, the Lego explosion is in HER room and not all over MY living room floor. I also forgot to include her dresser and book shelf.

Next up: our small guest bedroom.

The headboard for the bed is missing; it's in the garage; broken into about four pieces. Needless to say, it didn't survive our move. In fact, many things didn't survive our move. I'm still not quite over the loss of our multiple broken possessions. I had this"art class reject" pottery pitcher I bought at the Goodwill that I LOVED. Seeing it in pieces, did nothing to make the stressful unpacking day any easier. I know these are just things and we shouldn't get wrapped up in earthly treasures. Really, I know that. And still...they were MY things. Things I loved. Things I had an odd emotional attachment to.

This is Caroline's bathroom. The picture is her Kindergarten portrait of an octopus that I paid $45 for. Those fundraiser monkeys know how to tug at a parent's heartstrings.

There is more to the bathroom, but I had trouble getting a decent picture. I suppose you'll live without knowing what Caroline's bathroom vanity looks like.

Here's the master bedroom.
The bedroom is painted an icy blue color; it's serene and I like it. Unfortunately the paint job is lackluster and could use another coat to freshen it up. However, we rent and don't own one of those big ladders, so I guess I'll make do. And by make do, I mean, purposefully refrain from fixing my eyes on the messy spots. Seriously, I just don't look. What my eyes can't see won't bother me.

(I took this picture while lying on the floor!)

That blue pillow in the middle is a NO BODY PARTS PILLOW. However, there are a bunch of spots on that poor silk pillow. I know for a fact that I didn't put the spots there, which leads me to conclude that one of my two roommates did it. Craig is generally a smart guy and has learned to keep his greasy head off of the pretty pillows, so by the process of elimination, I'll blame Caroline. She owes me $24.99.

I bought this scrolly wall thing on super clearance at Kirkland's in Georgia. Originally it was a black/brown color with brushed gold highlights. It looked prettier in the store than it did on our wall. The original finish was reminiscent of something you might find on an episode of The Brady Bunch. Thankfully spray paint is fun and easy to use. I gave it a coat of black spray paint and have been pleased ever since.

Ugly ceiling fan.

TALL ceilings. I don't want to think about the dust build up on that ledge.
The white door leads to our walk in closet.

Here's our one bedside table.

We should have bought a second end table when we purchased our bedroom set, but for some reason we didn't. I'd like a second one to add balance to the room, but I fear that Craig and his knack for spilling water, might be a little taxing on the table's finish. I'll have to think about it some more. You might think I'm being picky-picky, but if you saw the condition of our previous bedside table, you'd understand.

I really want to replace this lamp, but don't have a reason to justify the expense at this time. If I happen to stumble upon a great find, I might be inclined to replace it, but for now I'll just deal. It's not a bad lamp; I just want something different.
Also, this is the lamp that gave me the biggest shock of my life when we lived in Maryland. My finger buzzed for a long time after that jolt. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

The prints on the wall came from a Paris calendar I bought in the Target Dollar Spot, which I then framed in $5 frames. Three of these are also in our kitchen above our black table.

Aww, little Caroline. I read somewhere that you shouldn't have pictures of your kid in your bedroom, but I can't help it. Can you blame me?

This was my picture project that I threw together one afternoon. I repurposed an old print that didn't fit with any of my existing decor; painted the frame, used a black Sharpie marker to color in the border that was previously blue and used that lamp print I had laying around.

The bathroom.

Towels no one is allowed to use. The ribbon implies their forbidden nature.
It's also pretty!

MORE towels no one is allowed to use. Do you sense a theme? Do you think I'm nuts? Wait, don't answer that....
These towels are in a planter I bought at Michael's. Since I don't plant green, living things (because I'll kill them) I plant towels instead. It's entirely acceptable to forget to water them.

More scrapbook paper wall art.

I skipped the picture of our shower because I have spots on the shower door and it would be really hard for me to reveal those spots to you. You don't want to see my shower, anyway. Right?

And on that note, this concludes your tour of the Neurotic Household.
I hope you enjoyed it.


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