Friday, July 31, 2009

Leaving On A Jet AeroPlane

Or, more accurately, a silver Ford Focus. It's not classy or stylish or the least bit cool, BUT it's paid for.

Tomorrow we're heading out to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Or, as I like to call it, my homeland.
My utopia. My happy place.

Yes, my friends

I hope the air smells like chocolate.
Yes, I pulled out the crayons and made myself some cheesy art, but it's actually quite appropriate because a visit to the Crayola Factory is also on the vacation agenda.
I'm stoked about that, too. I've had a love for crayons, sharp, CRAYOLA (no cheapy RoseArt for me) crayons my whole life. My dad bought Caroline a super set (128 ct?) and I think I was as excited as she was. Coloring is the one kid activity that I never turn down. I don't like playing Chutes and Ladders, I suck at video games and I'm not crazy about tea parties and creative play, but I love to color. Sesame Street coloring books are my favorite because the pictures are bold and large. As a kid I hated Barbie coloring books because the pictures were small and intricate. I like a big space to color in.
I remember watching an episode of Mr. Rogers many years ago that included a clip about how crayons were made. I was as fascinated then as I am now. I also remember them showing how graham crackers were made. Maybe I was meant to work in a factory?
Aw, I miss Mr. Rogers. I have to admit that I went through a phase where I thought he was totally lame. My mom once sent him fan mail and he sent an autographed picture back. I think she put it on the refrigerator and let me tell you, to a twelve year old girl, nothing could have been more embarrassing.
As I grew and learned to appreciate the love Mr. Rogers showed his audience, I retracted any rude statements or eye rolls I ever gave in his direction. What an awesome man.
The other day I was hanging up clothes in the closet and felt inclined to sing "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..."
We're leaving tomorrow after I make a quick trip to the gym for my Saturday morning beating. I had a disappointing run this morning and would like to make up for it by sweating buckets and begging for mercy at 8 am on a Saturday morning.
We're meeting up with my parents, who will be flying in from Florida, as well as the best aunt EVER, who will be coming from California.
The six of us will be sharing a two bedroom condo/time share type place.
I anticipate that we'll have loads of fun. We'll be in HERSHEY, for crying out loud.
Bad times aren't aloud when chocolate is the main event.


Sissy said...

Jon and Kate went to both those places with their kids and it looked like fun! I love a new box of crayons and bought several boxes of them to donate to the school supply drive. All kids need crayons.

Alison said...

Target had the 24 count boxes for .27. Caroline's school supply list only asked for one box, but I bought extra. One can never have too many crayons. And besides, once they lose their pointy tip, they're useless. I hate using crayons that have been peeled down and sharpened with a sharpener.
I'm so high maintenance.