Sunday, July 26, 2009

Drawing A Big Fat Blank

I really have nothing of interest to blog about. Not that anything I usually write is interesting, but just work with me.
It's been a pretty uneventful few days. Well, not uneventful, but not interesting and most certainly not blogworthy.
Every time I write the word "blogworthy" I think of the "spongeworthy" episode of Seinfeld.

You know, every time I start a post like this, claiming the well of interesting blog topics has dried up, I end up blathering on for several paragraphs. Only I can turn nothing into a wordy load of drivel. It must be a gift.

Anyhoo, as you can tell by the fact that I'm posting something new, Craig and I survived our chaperoning adventure. It really wasn't that bad. I figured that with the lack of chaperones, we'd each get our own group of kids, but, to my surprise they gave us only five kids total, Caroline included. Four of the kids were wonderfully behaved, but we also managed to be stuck with the up and coming poster child for ADD. And no, I'm not kidding, or exaggerating even a little bit. This kid was completely incapable of staying still, remaining with the group or following the simplest of commands. It's a really good thing that Caroline is well behaved because my patience level for uncooperative children is ultra low. I didn't go ape crazy on the kid, but I was glad when we made it back to the school. The camp counselors and life guards really earned their money that day.
As luck would have it, we also were grouped with the clingiest little girl I've ever met. Here's a little factoid about me: I don't do clingy. I don't like to hold hands and I don't like kids hanging all over me. Especially kids that aren't mine.
However, on the flip side, I love babies and don't mind holding them at all.
At first this little girl, Emily, leeched onto me immediately. She sat as close to me as possible, held my hand and wouldn't go anywhere without me. Thankfully that only lasted until we got to the water park and she met up with a friend of hers. Instant relief. I admit, she was sweet, but I need a little space.

Craig drove his merry way down to Florida yesterday to visit with his mom. Here's another factoid about me: I don't do long car trips unless Uncle Sam makes us. However, no offense to Caroline, but if she weren't around, I'd jump at the idea of a road trip. There is something about traveling with a kid that makes the idea of being cooped up in the car for 13 hours seem less than desirable.
While I admit that her temperament in the car has gotten better over the years, she's not a big fan of car travel and isn't afraid to let us know. She's also a number monster and has to know exactly how many miles we've traveled and how many miles are left every 3 minutes. Admittedly, it's a good brain workout, but a little tiring after the first hour or so.

Two years ago we traveled from Georgia to Arkansas to see Craig's Grandma. We then drove south to Texas to visit my friend and then drove from Texas back to Georgia.
That was one long road trip. We survived, but that's something I wouldn't volunteer to do again.

Maybe when the kid is older.
Or out of the house.

It we weren't going on vacation with my parents next week, I might have felt led to bind up Caroline, secure a big wad of duct tape for her mouth and hop in the car with Craig. But, well, that would mean three trips in as many weeks. More than Caroline and I are willing to handle.

So, instead, we're at the homestead. Doing what we always do.
Play, snacks, pool.
It's good to be a kid, huh? Especially a kid with a mom at her beck and call.

Although, she was a little miffed that I wouldn't let her sleep with me last night. She has gotten into the habit of falling asleep in our bed. When Craig gets home from work, he carries her into her bed. This isn't a huge deal, but she's 51 inches tall, just a little over a foot shorter than me. I cannot easily pick her up anymore. It's awkward and I usually end up hitting her head on the door frame. Not wanting to give her a concussion, I told her "no way Jose." So she said, "you don't have to pick me up, I can sleep with you the whole night." Oh, no.
Here's another factoid about me: I LOVE sleeping alone. I sleep so much better. The Army has kept Craig home for quite some time, so I haven't had an opportunity to sleep alone in a long while. There's no way I'm letting a squirmy kid ruin my sleep bliss.

She pouted for a little bit, but I don't bend. Sure I'll chaperone her field trip, bring her friends to the pool with us and feed snacks to the entire neighborhood, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

This morning I'm using my position as the adult, you know the one in charge who isn't seven, to drag bring Caroline to the gym with me. It's only for an hour, but a MUCH needed hour. The way I see it, I'm doing her a favor. I could have brought her with me yesterday at 8am. Today's class is at 10am.

See how nice I am.

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