Thursday, July 23, 2009

Actually Mom.....

Caroline's favorite word is "actually."

"Actually mom, I'd like to have lunch now."

"Actually mom, I want to go ride my bike."

"Actually mom, I'm going to see if Rachel and Sarah are home."

"Actually mom, I'd rather use my other goggles."

It used to be that she started EVERY SENTENCE with "Did/Do you know?"

Do you know how annoying that got? That was a few years ago and she, quite thankfully, outgrew it.

So last night as we were watching "Wipe Out" upstairs in my bedroom, she very sleepily said to me "Actually mom, I don't want to go to pirate week camp."


My plan, my precious plan. Foiled. Nixed. Pfffftttt.
I guess I spoke to soon. Counted my chickens before they hatched. Forgot that Caroline has an even harder time making decisions than me.

Oh well.
I can't make her go; it's supposed to be fun.
At least she won't come home with scurvy.

I did remind her that she'd have to come to the gym with me Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because Craig will be away. She seemed fine with that.

Guess I better hit the library up for some books; it looks like we'll be spending lots of time at the pool next week.

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