Monday, July 27, 2009

Because I Always Make Good On My Promises

And because Caroline will make sure of it, especially when the promises concern her and the acquisition of more goods.

We bought Caroline a highly asked for and muchly coveted Nintendo DS for Christmas. As I suspected, she played with it for fifteen minutes, stashed it away, and then asked to go outside. I wasn't surprised by her behavior because that's pretty customary with her.
She's a people person. An extrovert to the core.
Things just aren't any fun unless you've got someone to use them with.

That's her major case for having a sibling. My rebuttal, of course, is that her potential little brother or sister will take everything from her and drool on it or flush it down the toilet. Not nearly as much fun as she imagines.
But that's not really the point.

The DS stayed stashed away for quite awhile. It made it's return to the surface from it's resting place in the depths of a dresser drawer a few times, but not for long.
However, quite recently the whole neighborhood gang, equipped with DS' of their own started their own little DS gang. Yesterday there were 8 kids, all with their own DS, playing in my basement. It was hot out, so I didn't mind too much. Normally I'd prefer that they get outside and play, but they weren't throwing things or breaking anything and they didn't ask for a snack, so I happily hid upstairs and let them play until their hearts were content.

Caroline has two DS games, but she really only plays with one, entitled Cooking Mama.
All the kids sync their devices together and play other games, but she's getting a little bored with what she has when she's playing alone. And, as you know, we can't have a bored Caroline.

The other kids have copious amounts of games. They each also have a whole menagerie of Webkinz. I try to keep toys to a minimum because in all honesty Caroline doesn't play with them. She has grown to adore the Webkinz, but I'm trying to convince her that she doesn't have to compete with the other kids and try to attain the same level of Webkinz ownership that they do.
It's a hard sell.

So a few weeks ago I promised Caroline that we'd get her a new DS game before our trip to Hershey. You know, so hopefully she'll be totally engulfed in the game, so engulfed in fact, that instead of inquiring about our mileage status every 6.8 seconds she'll remain focused on Mario Party.
Eh, it's possible, but not highly probable.
Other than the repetitive mileage check, we do have fun trying to locate as many different state license plates as possible. Our trip to Williamsburg provided quite a few license plate sightings, but the pacific northwest and upper midwest were sorely under represented. Perhaps some families from Oregon, Wyoming and North Dakota will make their way to Hershey, PA next week.

Gah, I'm wordy today.

As it so happens, today is the highly anticipated DS game purchase day. We're headed Target in just a few minutes.
And Caroline is excited.

And standing over my shoulder wondering when I'll stop typing.
Guess that's my clue to get moving.

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