Saturday, April 4, 2009

Well, crap!

Please excuse my eloquent title, but that's just what comes to mind right now.

Guess where we were at 9pm this evening?
Not at home.
Not eating popcorn and watching a movie with Caroline and her slumber party guests.

No, we were at the pediatric dentist's office.

At 9pm.

With my child who somehow managed to bite the hardwood floors with her face.

Say it with me now, CRAP!

Thankfully both of her two (adult) front teeth are still in her mouth.
One is slightly mobile.
The other is super chipped, diagonally.

And her lip is FAT.

The dentist put a retainer like contraption on her two front teeth to keep them in her mouth and to help them reattach to the bone. He also added a whole lot of tooth colored filling material (composite) to the chipped tooth.
Both roots were fractured (not good) but the bone wasn't damaged (good).

We go back in three weeks to have the retainer contraption removed, sand down the thick composite to make it look more toothlike and to have xrays taken again. These xrays will determine if she needs root canals in the two teeth.

As if it can't be said enough, CRAP!

I feel SO badly for her.
She was so brave at the dentist and I'm so proud of her.

I just hate seeing her sad.

Sending her slumber party guests home was like torture to her. She just cried, "but it's my first sleepover."
That was painful for me to hear.
Of course, I said, "you're not thinking clearly, we need to see the dentist." She knew that, but still, she was sad.

Seeing your kid sad, suffering, injured, disappointed or hurt will never be easy.
I just wish that I could trade places with her.
I'd give anything for that.

I know it's just teeth and not a debilitating disease, and she'll be fine. We have a wonderful dentist who was very willing to cheerfully meet us at 9pm on a Saturday night.
He has been doing this for 26 years and I'm confident that he'll fix her up good as new.

Right now our prayer is that her teeth will firm up and stay put and the roots will remain healthy, so she won't need two root canals.
Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way and they'll make her teeth look pretty, for that I'm sure.
I just hope to avoid the dreaded root canals.

So that was our Saturday night.

Hope yours was better!

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