Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Is Up With My Hair?

And other miscellaneous ponderings.

The truth is I'm being lazy; there is just no way around it. I'm living up to my Lady of Leisure title and takin' it easy, even though I have two baskets of clean and folded laundry at my feet awaiting their trip upstairs to be neatly placed in their assigned places. Hey, I can be lazy AND still maintain my neurotic, control freakish tendencies. I'm a mom; I multi task. If I didn't have get up and locate my child, who is quite possibly roaming the neighborhood befriending every child and dog she encounters as I type this, I wouldn't move at all. Actually, before you go all judgemental, super mom-ish, "I can't believe she doesn't know where her kid is" on me, I do know where Caroline is. She left on roller skates after her homework was completed and headed off to Alayna's house to play nut factory. For the uninitiated, nut factory means that they climb in the trees and shake all the acorns from the branches and then gather said acorns and deposit them into whatever vessel they have available at the time. Evidently they have bags of acorns in Alayna's garage. Just what every mom wants. I've had two Dasani water bottles filled with acorns on our front porch for several days now; just yesterday I threatened to trash them if they didn't disappear quickly. I'm glad the girls are having fun, but I did suggest that they leave some acorns on the ground, you know...for the squirrels...and they assured me that they will. In fact, the whole purpose of the nut factory is to help the squirrels; so they don't have to work so hard gathering their nuts for the winter.

So before I go out and drag my kid home for dinner, I'll just take a few minutes to whine about the current state of my hair. I'm having a HORRIBLE hair day. And it's not even windy. And speaking of wind, as in the wind that required such potent hair spray yesterday, it was down right cold and unpleasant at soccer practice last night. I know I said I'd be thankful that it was 73 degrees and not 45 degrees, but as it turns out, it wasn't 73 degrees. It was 73 degrees when I composed the post, but the temp dropped quite drastically in the few hours between blogging and practice.
Somehow that little detail of the temperature dropping as the sun is setting totally escaped my mind. As it turns out, the dropping temperature makes my whining completely legitimate. I enjoy pointless whining as much as the next person, but am much happier to whine when I have a real reason. Makes me seem less annoying, no?

The winds are quiet today, but my hair is looking flat and blah. I should probably get my hair cut, but that's just not a task that I enjoy. Eh, maybe tomorrow will be a better hair day.

Today marked the first of many Thursdays in which I will, in addition to my existing Thursday Folder stuffing duties, volunteer for reading/writing time in Caroline's class. It was fun. Most of the kids in her class are very sweet and well behaved. One girl happened to test my already low patience, but we made it. I'm just thankful that Caroline is no where near as contrary and stubborn as that girl is. There's room for only one contrary and stubborn person is this family and that spot is reserved for yours truly. Hey, I was here first. It's only fair.

I'm so mature.

EDITED TO ADD: In the interest of full disclosure and keeping it real for the folks, I thought I'd let you know that I did, in fact, lose my child this evening. She's found, but the whole time I was looking for her, I kept thinking that I should have just kept my mouth shut, instead of talking smack and all. Goes to show you that when you say you've got things covered, you're usually proved wrong. Caroline, the often wise kid that she is, called me from a different friend's house to clue me in to her whereabouts, but as it so happens, I was racing down the street in my flip flops (not ideal running footwear) praying to God that I wouldn't have to explain to Craig how I managed to lose our only child, and missed the call.

Atleast Caroline brought her A game today.


Sissy said...

I'm glad that you found her, and actually laughed at your "full disclosure." Funny.

My hair is blah today too, but with curls it normally still looks curly even though I think it is blah. A girl can't have everything, right?

Alison said...

I like to keep it real, you know.

Sorry about your bad hair day. It happens to the best of us.
Have a nice weekend (a LOOONG weekend!), my friend.

Sissy said...

Phoebe howls at sirens, which is really cute. Lucy tries to get in on it too, but her howl just isn't as mournful. It's kinda funny. But we've tried to catch her on film before, but I think she knows when we are coming with the camera. It just happened to be that I was already taking photos of her when we heard the siren, and she howled, I was already in position!