Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Gourd-eous Day

Craig, Caroline and I took a wild ride on Sunday and visited the Cox Farm Fall Festival. We went for the first time last year and had so much fun that we thought it warranted a repeat visit. It's kind of pricey, especially on the weekends, but you get free apples and cider, which we forgot to partake in, and the scenery and all around family fun atmosphere is worth it--both cost and drive time.

Aside from lunch plans that went awry due to a Quizno's going out of business since we last visited (on the way to the festival last year) and a missed turn, we found lunch (eventually) and had a nice time. The weather was about fifteen degrees warmer than it was last year, which was quite welcomed. Fall is great, but a mild fall is far more comfortable than the chilly, wind that plagued our visit last year.

Big feet!

A boy in a cage asking the patrons if they had any bananas.
I didn't. But the gorilla didn't seem to care.

Cow pile!

Cow girl?

Piglets!!! Forget a puppy, I want a piglet for a pet.

A tired mama pig. With all her piglets (atleast 10) I don't blame her for taking a rest. I guess the old saying about being happy as a pig in slop rings true.

The Cornundrum corn maze.
Oooh, it sounds perplexing.

Debating which path to take.

Wait, are we in Florida? Whatever you do, don't ask this guy for directions.

There were lots of activities for kids.




Falling down.

Feeding goats.

A real smile from Caroline! It's hard to get her to smile naturally for the camera. I was happy to capture it, despite the off centeredness of the picture.

Big chairs.

We also ate pie, but the only decent picture I got of Caroline eating had Craig in the background with a mouth full of food. Not exactly a flattering shot for the internet. The three of us shared a piece of apple and a piece of pumpkin pie. I wanted a gigantic cupcake (no surprise there) but Caroline wanted pie. I didn't want to knew I shouldn't eat a whole cupcake, as they were seriously large, so I went with the crowd and ate some pie.
I like pie, but not as much as cupcakes.

That sentence reminds me of our little neighbor, Jonathan. If you ask him if he likes something he says, "yes....but not that much."

He'll say "I like kindergarten.....but not that much." He's cute.

We each got to take home a small pumpkin as a prize for visiting.
I like prizes.

SO many choices. Caroline had trouble making up her mind.

Not me! Which is a huge surprise because I truly could spend hours searching for the perfect pumpkin. But, alas, I wanted to set a good example for Caroline and picked one of the first few I picked up. To be honest, I'm not entirely happy with it, but I kept it. A teachable moment for everyone.

Ah, pumpkin patch success.

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Sissy said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all. I went to a corn maze a couple of years ago and I liked it, but I kept thinking it would be like and English hedge maze and it wasn't. I wanted the separation to be really thick, like in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie. Yes, my imagination led to me being disappointed.