Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well, since our landlords specified that we do not have a dog, Caroline figured she'd just BE a dog, instead.

Meet Spike.

From what we've gathered, Spike is either a Muttweiler or a Labrador Muttriever. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something about Spike's ears that reminds me of the dog in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Spike's not sure either.
Papers? Who needs papers?

Spike might not need AKC papers, but she sure does understand the importance of properly accessorizing. Any respectable dog of the female persuasion knows that a pink camouflaged collar is this season's "it" thing.

Spike sure does know how to rock the pouty look.

Here she is practicing her begging, er Trick or Treating skills.

Evidently fetch is Spike's favorite game because she sure did manage to snag a whole lot of candy.

Too bad chocolate isn't good for dogs!

It's a good thing Spike has two loyal owners who will help deplete the candy stash in her honor.


Emily said...

Hahahaha! Cute! :)

nancy said...

2 cute 4 words!
Dad says "Good Job. Nice ears" (all of them). (I added that one.)
Also, send all Oh Henrys to Grandpa. (After 34 years, I never knew that was his favorite candy bar as a kid. I've never seen him eat one before.)
(I'm using way too many parentheses today.)
Happy candy scarfing! Woof!

nancy said...

P.S. Dad is Very pleased that you took his suggestion about the ears.
You earned valuable points toward cash and prizes and maybe an On the Spot award or two.

Alison said...

Yes, the cardboard was a great suggestion. If it weren't for dad's idea and Craig's staple gun bravery, I'm not sure the ears would have been made.

No Oh Henrys.

LOTS of M&Ms, Reese's cups and fun sized Snicker bars. I immediately ate the lone Heath bar and some Twizzlers because I love red licorice.

And on a completely randome note, yay for Fall Back! I just love having that extra hour of sleep.

Sissy said...

You made a great costume and she sure looked cute! Great job!