Thursday, October 22, 2009

Complaints Between Timer Beeps

I'm baking a massive amount of pumpkin cookies right now; I'll try to blog something, as I get up every 12 minutes, to pull a batch out of the oven. Tomorrow is Caroline's schools "Croctoberfest" celebration (the school's mascot is a crocodile, in case you were wondering) and I've volunteered to donate baked goods for the bake sale. Well, duh...that's certainly not an unexpected piece of news, if you know me well. I'm making iced pumpkin cookies and outrageous oreo brownies.

I talk a lot about baking on this blog, but I can't really help it. I just enjoy it so much and am happy to have found a hobby that others appreciate as well. Sadly, knowing that I have something to bake is the highlight of my day. With a life filled with daily routine, which offers very little in the variance department, it's nice to have a fun task to look forward to. Something to keep my hands busy. Sure I have plenty of tasks on my daily to-do list that I *could* look forward to, but I have a hard time considering tackingling piles of laundry, retrieving used dental floss from everywhere BUT the garbage can and sweepimg up wayward Grape Nuts as events which offer great excitement and/or contentment. I enjoy my low key lifestyle, but even introverted homebodies can feel bored and isolated sometimes.

It's been one of those weeks, I guess. The kind of week where I feel bored and restless; where I find myself wondering if I'll ever have a real life friend again. To fulfill my chatterbox tendencies, I talk to people at the gym and after school, but for the most part I stay to myself. 95% of the time I'm totally and completely happy with this; but every so often I even start to annoy myself.

But, you know, I'm not a very good friend. I'm a decent conversationalist, but I'm horrible at keeping in touch. I think about people very often, I just can't seem to do anything about it. Maybe I'm doing others a favor by keeping to myself. Besides, no one wants to deal with my neurotic tendencies. Just like Craig; he humors me, but probably thinks I fell off a crazy truck and landed right at his feet for the sole purpose of adding a little, um, interest to his life.

It's just been a restless few days for me; I'm itching to shop, but don't really have anything to shop for. There is something about the fall season that gets me in the mood for some hardcore recreational shopping. Maybe it's because I know the holidays are quickly approaching? Actually, I have been shopping a lot lately, but for necessary items, not fun stuff (read: nothing for ME). It seems that every time I turn around, money is required in one form or another.
I try to practice some self control and make it a habit to remind myself of my disdain for clutter before rushing out the door to buy more junk solely for the sake of buying more junk.

Sheesh, I must have mixed a spoonful of cranky into my oatmeal this morning. Otherwise, I'm not sure I have an acceptable excuse as to why I'm feeling so obnoxiously whiny today. Like I said, it's been one of those weeks.

If it weren't for the fact that I have 48 cookies waiting to be iced, sprinkled and wrapped up (in baggies and ribbon with candy corn on it!) and brownie ingredients patiently waiting to be morphed into something truly outrageous, I'd happily close my eyes and take a nap. I got up early this morning to run before Caroline went to school. The weather is much milder this week compared to last week's freezing rainy days, so I took advantage of a rather balmy fall morning to get out and move my legs. The only problem is that I hurt my IT band last week and while I thought six days without running would be enough to heal the problem, I was wrong. I'm hobbling around right now and sad that I'll have to take more time off to allow for my body to heal.
Maybe that's why I'm so cranky.

Between hip pain, my concerns for Craig's physical ailments and the impact they'll have on the marathon he's running on Sunday, I'm feeling a bit fretful, uneasy, concerned. Eep.

OK, enough griping. I do apologize for being such a Debbie Downer.
Hopefully I'll wake tomorrow with a better attitude.

Until then....hopefully the brownies I'm off to bake will produce such a lovely aroma that I won't be able to keep myself from smiling any longer.

Behold the power of the baked good.


Sissy said...

Okay, I think the recipe for Orea brownies needs to be shared. Yes, it does.

Don't worry about the will go away eventually. Probably about the time you put an oreo brownie in your mouth.

Alison said...

Those brownies are SO good and RICH. They're a Barefoot Contessa recipe with the addition of broken up Oreos. I bought the Halloween Oreos to be extra festive. You should be able to find the recipe by clicking on the highlighted text in the post. It should take you to the recipe posted on Cookie Madness.